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2917130 - Q2 2020 - b2005 - SAP Jam Release Information FAQ


This Knowledge Base Article is to document all major enhancements to be aware of in our Q2 2005 release. It also serves as an one stop shop for all SAP Jam documentation.


SAP Jam Collaboration


Product Documentation:

This documentation can also be found on the SAP Help Portal- SAP Help Portal - SAP Jam Collaboration. Quick links under "What's New" section will provide detailed release summary across the application.

Direct Links to some of our key Q2 2005 documentation:

Release Information

Guides for End users

Guides for Admins

Guides for Developers

Q2 2020 Enhancements & Features:

Topic AreaEnhancements
  • New Group Template, "Emergency Situation Room", added to SAP Jam.
    This template is designed around collaboration in times of emergency situations like the Coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane season etc. Administrators can activate the template and make it available for the organization under - Admin -> Product setup -> Group Templates.
  • Many small scale enhancements geared to improve Accessibility features in Jam.
  • Thumbnails will now be mirrored along with any Wiki/Blog.
    Everybody in the mirror location will be able to view the thumbnail, regardless of whether they have access to the source content.

  • The LibreOffice version has been upgraded to version 6.3.5 to improve the preview or rendering of uploaded documents, for instance Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Support for custom Favicon added to Custom Header code.
    Guide on how to set a custom Favicon->LINK.
  • Search API now supports sorting results by "LikesCount" or "ViewsCount".
  • SAP Jam now supports multiple screen orientation in Android tablets.
    > landscape
    > reverse-landscape
    > portrait
    > reverse-portrait;
  • The mobile app now supports two new data centers-> DC41 and DC47.
  • Performance improvements have been made in the following areas:
    > Searching for members.
    > Distribution lists.
    > App load performance enhancement for SAP Jam Mobile App on Android, and additional optimizations for Mobile on Android.
External Users
  • External Users can now be managed via SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service (IAS) instead of the traditional way, via SAP ID Service.
    This gives Jam admins more control on external user management.


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