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2916760 - Do S-User ID roles and authorizations in Launchpad give users special permissions or roles within other cloud applications? - SAP ONE Support Launchpad


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This article is to help clear up confusion about important contacts in SAP ONE Support Launchpad as well as other cloud applications (e.g. SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, cloud cockpit, etc).
S-Users listed in My Important Contacts as Administrators or Technical Contacts do not give them special roles in other cloud applications they log into (e.g. SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, SAP Analytics Cloud Cockpit, etc). See below for exceptions1

S-User ID authorizations and important functions/roles listed in Launchpad's My Authorizations and Functions and My Important Contacts apply to SAP ONE Support Launchpad as explained below:

Cloud Administrators, Super Administrators, and User Administrators

  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad Administrators are listed in My Important Contacts. Their Administrator designation is based on S-User authorizations given to them in Launchpad's User Management application.
  • Administrators are S-Users who have certain authorizations allowing them to perform tasks in SAP ONE Support Launchpad (e.g. Create S-User IDs in User Management , maintain Launchpad authorizations, maintain cloud email notifications)
  • For more information on Administrators, see KBA 2492132 and the online help list of important functions 
  • IMPORTANT: Just because a S-User is listed as an Administrator in Launchpad does not give the user special access or roles within other cloud applications they log into1.

    SAP C/4HANA Cloud Cockpit : The initial user accessing the cockpit must be listed as a Super Administrator in Launchpad's My Important Contacts.
    SAP Ariba Connect : Users must be given certain authorizations in Launchpad's User Management application according to KBA 3121688 - S-user authorizations for Designated Support Contact (DSC) access or Basic access - SAP Ariba Connect

Technical Contacts and Software Recipients

  • S-Users who have been given special roles (Technical Contact/Software Recipient) for installation numbers are listed in My Important Contacts
  • These installation roles are not used and should not be assigned to S-Users. If they are assigned to S-Users, the roles are ignored and not used.
  • For more information and descriptions of important roles, see the online help list of important functions 
  • IMPORTANT: Just because a S-User is listed as a Technical Contact in Launchpad does not give the user special access or roles within other cloud applications they log into. 

See Also

Who to contact for user questions....

  • Questions/issues relating to special access or roles within cloud applications (e.g. SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, SAP Analytics Cloud Cockpit, etc), please log an incident under the relevent cloud team (KBA 3053848) since user roles are maintained directly within the cloud applications, not SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

    For example, log an incident for the appropriate support team, such as:
    - For SAP Cloud Platform, use component BC-NEO-CIS
    - For SAP Analytics Cloud, use component LOD-ANA
    - For SuccessFactors, use component LOD-SF-PLT
    - For SAP C/4HANA Cloud Cockpit, use component CEC-C4F-COP

  • Questions/issues relating to authorizations and roles in SAP ONE Support Launchpad (only), log an incident under XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR.

    If you were told to log an incident for XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR in order to gain access to cloud areas outside SAP ONE Support Launchpad, please include the cloud documentation link which indicates a Super Administrator/Cloud Administrator or Launchpad roles are needed for your case. It is also helpful to include the actual cloud link the S-User need to log into, including screenshots.


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