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2912495 - [SSO] Outbound SSO - Qualtrics | Setup Guide


  • How to configure Outbound SSO from SuccessFactors to Qualtrics?
  • I'd like to access Qualtrics from my SuccessFactors environment;
  • How to get bounced to Qualtrics from SuccessFactors homepage?
  • How to integrate SuccessFactors and Qualtrics via SSO?
  • I'd like to have Qualtrics integrated with my SuccessFactors environment. How do I proceed?
  • Is it possible to integrate SuccessFactors and Qualtrics?


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If you're a customer who's looking for guidance on how to integrate your SuccessFactors environment with Qualtrics, please be aware that it can be done by using the Outbound SSO method.

Once you complete the setup process described on this guide, you'll be able to jump into Qualtrics directly from your SuccessFactors Homepage without the need of put credentials in there.

For that, there will be four required procedures to be followed. Important: the common SSO configuration in Provisioning dedicated section is not necessary.


The very first procedure that must be taken is to contact Qualtrics in order to initiate the SSO Implementation Request.

Either your Qualtrics Account Executive or Customer Success Representative persons must provide you the Implementation Survey that you'll need to fulfill.

This link brings all the guidance you need to find out how to make contact with these persons. 

Qualtrics has a complex and harder set of configuration on customer's Qualtrics Platform side regarding the SSO, so, there's some important points you should be aware about:

  1. You'll need to provide several information in the previously mentioned SSO Implementation Survey;
  2. The biggest part of this information is a quite technical, so, be prepared;
    1. You definitively should engage your IT Contact to further help you;
    2. Provide all the information asked in there. It will speed up the process considerably;
    3. Don't bypass in giving out them the Qualtrics test user's credentials for their internal testing (final survey sections). This will enable them to validate the scenario without your engagement be needed.
  3. To save time, grab your respective SuccessFactors BizX Instance metadata file in advance;
    1. The KBA 2707993's "Resolution" section brings all the guidance you need to prepare your metadata file.
  4. After submitting the survey, it's just wait for their contact with the next steps;
  5. Important: Due to their SSO Implementation Requests income, it may take up to 1 week for their first contact with you;
    1. But, in this meanwhile, they'll be preparing the test environment for your Qualtrics Platform. Be rest assured about that.
  6. Qualtrics will get back to you with instructions for completing the SSO configuration for the test environment on your end as well.

As stated, once they contact you, there will be some more tasks that will be required from your end and, prior to finish them, there are no actions SuccessFactors Support can take.

With that being said, please kindly note that you shouldn't open a SuccessFactors Support case prior to complete the whole procedure 1. 

Any support case opened without the respective Qualtrics metadata file and the navigation/ACS URL attached is automatically eligible to be immediately closed.


At this point, Qualtrics should've been already contacted you (otherwise you shouldn't be going through this procedure yet).

Also, they probably have already provided you the technical inputs, such as the their metadata file and the respective navigation URL.

With this inputs in hands, you can then reach out our SuccessFactors Support as described below:

  1. Open a new medium support case under the component LOD-SF-PLT-QLT;
  2. Describes it as an "Outbound SSO request" to enable us to track it properly;
  3. Provide the respective Qualtrics metadata file and the navigation URL;
    1. The metadata file contain essential information for SuccessFactors Support;
    2. The navigation URL is the consumer URL: the one you'll use to jump into Qualtrics by clicking on;
      1. It should be like "https://[qualtrics_brandID.[datacenter]".
  4. After this, SuccessFactors Support Team will fill out the instance's background with the respective URL's.

SuccessFactors Support Team:

  1. Open the respective BizX instance's Provisioning page;
  2. Access the "Authorized SP Assertion Consumer Service Settings" section;
  3. In the "Assertion Consumer Service" field, put the Qualtrics ACS URL;
    1. It must be like "https://[qualtrics_datacenter]".
  4. Save the configuration;
  5. Neither the logout nor audience URLs are required in Provisioning ;
    1. Therefore, if customer don't wish to set any custom ones, you can let these fields blank.


At this point, all the configuration should be already in place in either Qualtrics, customer and SuccessFactors Support sides.

Now, it's the moment to validate the integration. Ask the customer their availability. Also, they should ask for the Qualtrics Specialists's as well.

Finally, schedule a 45 minutes meeting between the three stakeholders.

REQUIRED: for any possible adjustment purposes, the Qualtrics specialist must be engaged as SuccessFactors Support doesn't have access to Qualtrics-related configuration.


This is the last procedure. At this point, the integration should be working in the Qualtrics test environment, meaning, ready to move to production.

Now, the respective Qualtrics Specialist will set up the productive environment in their side and move the settings to there.

After this, a new 45 minutes meeting should be scheduled between the three stakeholders (SuccessFactors Support, Qualtrics and customer).

REQUIRED: just as before, for any possible adjustment purposes, the Qualtrics specialist must be engaged as SuccessFactors Support doesn't have access to Qualtrics-related configuration.

And, that's all. The above procedures covers all the principal implementation milestones, and also the required steps from Qualtrics and SuccessFactors sides.

However, as we know, nor all the SSO implementations go through smoothly as we usually expect, so, below you'll find some helpful tips to troubleshoot the hardest cases:


It's not unusual, and you definitively can go through it. There are some actions you can take to isolate the cause:

  • Double check the Assertion Consumer Service URL placed in the BizX Instance's Provisioning page:
    • It must be like "https://[qualtrics_datacenter]".
  • Ensure that customer are using the proper navigation URL in the homepage tile;
    • It should be like "https://[qualtrics_brandID.[datacenter]".
  • Double check all the technical inputs (from BizX metadata) Qualtrics are using in their end regarding SuccessFactors:
    • Correct BizX instance URL;
    • Correct Entity ID;
    • Correct BizX Single Sign On URL;
    • Correct BizX Single Logout URL;
    • Correct certificate.

  • You may kindly ask the Qualtrics Specialist to double check:
    • The user profile configured in their end, and;
    • The Qualtrics Platform environment settings populated in their end as well.

  • Furtherly, for any scenario, Splunk will always be helpful to troubleshoot and isolate the cause:
    • By querying "Qualtrics AND [Company_ID], you'll fetch all the transitional events;
    • Hence, you'll be able to analyze the event and find out all the URL's being called;
    • Finally, if you identify any improper URL being called, you can correct it and set the proper one.


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