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2907857 - Error message: RBAM: No authorization for 'Operation MaintainBundle' on 'ServiceInterface ManageSalesOrderIn


You are receiving error message when you try to execute the web service ManageSalesOrderIn / You are receiving error messages in Web Service Message Monitoring work center related to the web service interface ManageSalesOrderIn when you are executing the web service with technical user which is present in your Communication Arrangement.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open Web Service Message Monitoring work center.
  2. Use advanced search to filter for service interface ManageSalesOrderIn.
  3. Highlight one error message and check under Details which caused the issue.

The following error messages have the same root cause:

  1. System error during SOAP processing.
  2. RBAM: No authorization for 'Operation MaintainBundle' on 'ServiceInterface ManageSalesOrderIn


You have not added the operation Maintain Sales orders in your Communication Arrangement. Please follow the below steps to check the same.

  1. Go to Application and user management work center
  2. Go to Communication arrangement ABC(ABC is the Communication Arrangement which you maintained to consume the standard web services).
  3. Click on Edit. Navigate to Technical data tab.
  4. Click on Edit Advanced Settings.
  5. In Inbound Communication, select the web service Manage Sales Orders.
  6. Under details, you can see that the operation Maintain Sales Orders is missing.


You will have to create a new Communication Arrangement and maintain the operation Maintain Sales Orders for the web service ManageSalesOrderIn.

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