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2906958 - New Admin UI - Item Entity Changes & Permissions for Item Related Tabs


  • As of the b2005 (First Half 2020) release, a new Learning Administration User Interface is available, changes to the Item entity have occurred.
  • This article will provide a list of the changes only. Unchanged fields will not be listed.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


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Item Header Fields

FieldsFunctional/Display ChangesFunctional/Display CommentTerminology ChangeNew Terminology 
Thumbnail FileNo YesImage
Revision/DateNoThe revision/date value will be a combined value with revision number and revision date. NA 
Cover Page StatusYesCover Page was accessed from two locations, a hyperlink and an action. It will only be available from Item Header Action drop-down.No 
Available for LaunchYesOnline contents are set up as available for launch, otherwise it will indicate “Not Available for Launch”.No 

Item Header Actions

ActionsFunctional/Display ChangesTerminology ChangeNew Terminology
Send NotificationNoYesSend Email
ProductionizeNoYesFinalize Revision

Item Details Tab Fields

Field GroupingFieldsFunctional/Display ChangesTerminology ChangeNew Terminology
Course OverviewLengthNoYesDuration1
Access/RegistrationMin RegistrationNoYesMinimum Enrollments
Access/RegistrationMax RegistrationNoYesMaximum Enrollments
Access/RegistrationRegistration Threshold DaysNoYesPrevent Multiple Class Registration Interval
Access/RegistrationSelf RegistrationNoYesUser can Self-Register
Access/RegistrationSupervisor RegistrationNoYesManager can Register Others
Access/RegistrationEnable User RequestsNoYesUser can Request a Class
Access/RegistrationAuto Fill RegistrationNoYesAuto Enroll from Waitlist
Access/RegistrationEnable Users to WaitlistNoYesUser can Waitlist
Access/RegistrationShow in CatalogNo YesAvailable in Library
Access/RegistrationDomainNo YesSecurity Domain
Online SettingsUser can Access Online Content without being registeredNo YesUnregistered User can Access Online Content
Approval ProcessWithdrawal Approval RequiredNo YesApproval Required to Withdraw
Course RatingsEnable User RatingsNo YesUser can Rate
CompletionDo Auto CompetencyNo YesAuto-record Competency Rating on Item Completion
CompletionEnable electronic signatureNo YesRequire Electronic Signature
CompletionUser can record Learning EventNo YesUser can Add Learning History
CompletionSupervisors can record Learning EventNo YesManagers can Add Learning History
Custom ColumnsColumnNo YesCustom Fields
Course PreparationPrep TimeNo YesPreparation Time
Administrative Use OnlyCatalog SKUNo YesLibrary SKU

Item Related Tabs

Related TabFunctional/
Display Changes
Display Comment
Terminology ChangesLocation of Terminology ChangesCurrent TerminologyNew TerminologyPermission and/or Configuration to Enable
SummaryRefer to the above Item information YesEntity TabSummaryItem Details
NotificationsNo YesEntity TabNotificationsEmail NotificationsLearning Activities > View Item Email Notifications or Edit Item Email Notifications
Online Content  Yes
There are terminology changes within the Online Content functions. See the Location of Terminology Changes column of the relevant functions where terminology is changing. Only the functions where terminology is changing is listed.
Entity TabOnline ContentNo Change

Learning Activities > View Online Settings or Edit Online Settings

Online Content   Add Content ObjectObject NameObject Title
Online Content   Add AssessmentAssessment NameAssessment Title
Online Content   Add ExamAdd Exam ObjectAdd Exam Object (Legacy)
Online Content   Add ExamExam NameExam Title
Online Content   Add FolderFolder NameFolder Title
Online Content   Add FolderAdd FolderCreate Folder
Online Content   LaunchDays From Launch to Expiration
Reset User's Progress after Inactivity
Online Content   LaunchRestrict Access to other online item objects when this assessment is in progressLock Other Content When in Progress
Online Content   Course ProgressionEnable Assessment ReviewAllow Assessment Review 
Online Content   Course ProgressionForce sequential completion of contentComplete Content in Sequence
Online Content   CompletionRecord learning event when all content is completeAdd to History on Completion of All Content
Online Content   CompletionAllow users to review the content from completed worksUsers can Review Completed Content from History
Online Content   CompletionMark this object complete when launchedComplete Content on Launch
Online Content   CompletionRecord learning event when content passedAdd to History on Pass
Online Content   CompletionRecord learning event when content failAdd to History on Failure 
Online Content   CompletionAttempts user can fail before the actionNumber of Failed Attempts Allowed for an Item
Online Content   CompletionFailure ActionUpon Failure
Online Content   Failure Action Drop-Down OptionsA blank optionTake Item Again
Online Content   Failure Action Drop-Down OptionsLock Item After FailureLock Item 
Online Content   Failure Action Drop-Down OptionsRemove Item from Learning Plan (free-floating only)Remove from Learning Plan (For Items not in a Curriculum or Program)
SegmentsNo Yes, and within the tabEntity TabSegmentsAgenda Template
Segments   ActionAdd New SegmentAdd Time Slot
Segments   ActionEquipmentManage Equipment
Scheduled OfferingsNo YesEntity TabScheduled OfferingsClasses
Request ReasonsNoNoEntity TabScheduled OfferingsClassesLearning Activities > View Item Request Reasons or Edit Item Request Reasons
RequestsNo YesEntity TabRequestsClass RequestsPeople Management > View User Item Request or Edit User Item Request
TasksYesTasks is only visible if the Item classification is Other. Otherwise it will not be shown.NoNo ChangeTasksTasksLearning Activities > View Item Tasks or Edit Item Tasks
CatalogsYesUntil Date field shall not allow a past date.
Expires shall not allow current or past date. See Catalog (Library) sheet for more detailed information on changes of fields and settings.
Yes, and within the tabEntity TabCatalogsLibrariesLearning Activities > View Item Libraries and Edit Item Libraries
Catalogs   TableExpiresRemove from Library On
Catalogs   TableFlagHighlight As
Catalogs   TableUntilHighlight Until
Catalogs   TableReasonReason to Highlight
Subject AreasNo YesEntity TabSubject AreasCategories
CurriculaNoNoEntity TabCurriculaNo ChangeLearning Activities > View Item Curriculum or Edit Item Curriculum
Jam GroupsNoNoEntity TabJam GroupsNo ChangeSystem administration> Configuration> System configuration> LMS_ADMIN: jamIntegrationEnabled=true AND Jam> View Item Groups or Edit Item Groups
EvaluationsNo YesEntity TabEvaluationsSurveysLearning Activities > View Survey Response or Edit Survey Response
Prerequisites   Create a Prerequisite GroupCreate New GroupCreate Group
SubstitutesNo Yes, within the tabEntity TabSubstitutes  No Change
Substitutes   Adding a SubstituteForce creditProvide Credit for Base Item If Not Assigned 
MaterialsNoNoEntity TabMaterialsNo ChangeLearning Activities > View Item Materials or Edit Item Materials
PricingNoNoEntity TabPricingNo ChangeLearning Activities > View Item Cost/Price or Edit Item Cost/Price
DocumentsNo YesEntity TabDocumentsDocument LinksLearning Activities > View Item Document Links or Edit Item Document Links
ChargebackNo YesEntity TabChargebackPurchasingLearning Activities > View Item Finance or Edit Item Finance
Cost CalculationNoNoEntity TabCost CalculationNo ChangeLearning Activities > View Item Cost/Price or Edit Item Cost/Price
Government ReportingNoNoEntity TabGovernment ReportingNo ChangeGovernment Reporting > View Item Government Reporting or Edit Item Government Reporting
Custom CreditsNoNoEntity TabCustom CreditsNo ChangeLearning Activities > View Item Custom Credits or View Item Custom Credits
Content Network
No YesEntity TabContent Network SessionsOCN Course Sessions

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