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2906423 - New Admin UI - Known limitations/Issues


What are the known issues/system limitations in the new Learning Administration User Interface (UI)?

Note: It is advisable to check the Primary Admin UI KBA to see all KBAs as an issue might have been reported and further information on other articles are available


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Note: Any mention of the Roadmap is subject to change and if not currently listed, please continue to check the Roadmap.

Known Limitations

vSaaS only -Entity Configuration in new Learning Administration UI.

  • Entity Configuration feature in New Admin UI has been released in b2005p16. (2020.Jul.31)(More information can be seen in this link and login may be required)
  • Entity Configuration will not adhere to Add New screens such as adding a new Item

'Bookmarks' is not on the new Learning Administration UI.

  • Browser bookmarks will work after authentication in most cases. Currently not planned for short term. Please check the Roadmap for further information.
  • Another possibly workaround is to save a bookmark on the Entity page such as the Item search page. In case there are multiple records that you have bookmarked, a Saved Search might be the best alternative.
    • This example will be for Item records but the same can be done with most other entities
      1. Proceed to the Item search
      2. Have a list of Item IDs in comma separated format e.g. Item1,Item2,Course3
      3. Paste the Comma separated list into the Item ID filter box and change the criteria to "Any"
      4. Press 'Search' button to make sure that the list is bringing back the expected data
      5. Press the 'Save As' button and then save the search.
      6. Bookmark the Item search page
      7. You can always choose the Saved Searches on the screen to bring back the list of commonly used records
    • Depending on the business case, records, etc. other search filters might need to be used. Please experiment to find what works best.

vSaaS only - Default Filter on User > Assigned Items should be the same as Flash UI

  • This was released in 2H 2020 release.

The "Help" button is not navigating to context sensitive sections.

  • Please check the Roadmap for further information as this is planned.

The menu width cannot be changed.

  • This is a Fiori limitation and an enhancement request with the Fiori application has been created.

The ability to remove multiple assigned Items from User Record > Assigned Items tab

  • Each Item has to be removed one by one.
  • Please raise an enhancement request for this feature. KBA 2090228

Old terminology is still appearing in certain locations.

  • There are known limitations in the following fields where the prior terminology is still used/seen.
    • API Validation messages
    • Syntax Tags on email notifications
    • Admin roles during import/export
    • Configurations under System Configurations such as LMS_ADMIN, CATALOG, etc.
  • Labels have been customized on your LMS thus not overridden during the upgrade process. Change the labels accordingly. 

Library showing only 500 items even if there are more than 500 items added to the library

  • This is a known limitation of the new LMS UI and is being reviewed by the Product Management and Engineering Team for further enhancements.
  • To list all items from a specific library, you can check through the item search, using the library as filter.

Items tab from user profile only shows 1000 items.

  • This is a known limitation of the new LMS UI and the filters or search options available from this tab only apply to these 1000 items that are being displayed.
  • To collect the same or similar info available from this tab, you can use LMS standard reports like Learning Plan, Item Status, User Learning Plan Audit Report and User Learning Needs, depending on the info you would like to collect.

Known Issues

Please check KBA 2692971 for information

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