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2905703 - How to Work with Extension Scenarios


In Business ByDesign, Administrators are able to create Extension Fields, either at Header or Item level. They can then add these fields to screens or templates in order to adapt the system to their needs.

 Another facet of these fields is that via Extension Scenarios, you are able to create an extension field in one business context and then add that extension field to multiple other business contexts. The data stored in the extension field is then passed from one business context to the next as part of a business process.


 SAP Business ByDesign.


There is no previous configuration or scoping needed in order to work with Extension Scenarios, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Creating the Extension Field (Not necessary if this has already been done):

  1. Navigate to a screen where you want to add the new field.
  2. From the Adapt menu, select Enter Adaptation Mode.
  3. In adaptation mode, select Edit Screen from the Adapt menu.
  4. Click on the Extension Fields pane of the adaptation panel.
  5. Select a section from the list, or alternatively, click directly on a section that has been enabled for extension fields on the screen.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Select a field type.
  8. Enter a field label.
  9. Save your changes.
  10. Select the Visible checkbox next to the extension field to make it visible on the current screen.
  11. Click Save.

Adding an Extension Scenario to this field, in order to extend it to another scenario:

  1. Navigate to a screen where you have added the field.
  2. From the Adapt menu, select Enter Adaptation Mode.
  3. In adaptation mode, select Edit Screen from the Adapt menu.
  4. Go into Adaptation Mode.
  5. In the side bar, scroll down until you see a plus ('+') sign.
  6. Click on it and select Extension Fields.
  7. Highlight the extension field that you wish to extend.
  8. Click on Further Usage.
  9. Go to the tab Extension Scenario.
  10. Highlight the Extension Scenario you want to add this field to.
  11. Click 'Add'.
  12. Repeat steps 10-11 until all Extension Scenarios necessary are covered.

You can find a list of all available Extension Scenarios in the Help Center Document Extension Scenarios

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