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2902403 - Employees Are Always Off, Even Though Time Account Is Assigned To Time Profile, Work Schedule And Time Model Is Selected


You don't know why an employee is always off, even though the time account is assigned to the time profile of the employee and the work schedule and the time model is selected.

You observed that the leave is displayed with 0 hours when attempting to book vacation for the employee.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Time Administration work centre
  2. Click on Employees view
  3. Search for relevant employee
  4. Click on Time Profile
  5. Click on Show Work Schedule
  6. Select relevant time period
  7. Note: Day Off is set to yes


  1. Go to Time Administration work center
  2. Click on Employees view
  3. Search for the relevant employee
  4. Click on Employee Times
  5. Click on Add Row
  6. Enter start date and end date
  7. Select the relevant time type
  8. Click on Actions > Activate
  9. Click on Save
  10. Note: Quantity field remains blank.
  11. Click on Time Account Balances
  12. Note: Taken: 0 days.


A possible cause could be that the work schedule is made up of a daily schedule. The daily schedule does not contain a duration/ start and end time. This duration/ start and end time will enable the target hours for the day to be calculated. Since there is no duration/ start and end time, each day is showing as a day off, because the target is zero hours for each day based on the daily work schedule assigned to the time period model.


You need to maintain the duration/ start and end time for the working time types. It is recommended that the changes should be made first in the test system. Then you can see the affects to the changes to time account balances etc. Once the changes are made to the daily models, then a correction run is required for all affected employees to valuate employees times using the correct daily models.

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