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2891178 - Payment Method Missing After Replicating Employee from Employee Central into SAP Business ByDesign System


You have integrated Employee Central for Employee replication in SAP Business ByDesign system. After replicating Employee information from Employee Central into SAP Business ByDesign system, for the Employee with remote Employee ID XYZ, the Payment Method shows blank, which should be Bank Transfer.

where XYZ represents the Employee ID


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Reproducing the Issue

To replicate data:

  1. Go to Master Data Replication workcenter
  2. Go to Employees view
  3. Show All
  4. For the Remote Employee ID: XYZ, select button Actions and choose Copy Replication Request
  5. The data is processed successfully
  6. Select the Replicate button
  7. The Employee is successfully replicated in the SAP Business ByDesign system

To check Employee data:

  1. Go to Employee Data workcenter
  2. Go to Employee view
  3. Show Active Employees
  4. Find the Employee ID : XYZ
  5. Select Edit
  6. Master data replication is in scope.Personal file changes are not allowed
  7. Go to Personal Data tab
  8. In the Payment Information tab, the Payment Method is blank


The bank information is missing in the Employee data maintained in Employee Central. That is, you have not maintained the bank information as Main Bank Account for the Employee in Employee Central.


Maintain the required information in the Employee Central system for this Employee XYZ. Ensure that the bank information has been maintained as Main Bank Account in Employee Central. Thereafter, complete the replication. You may complete fresh Replication pull request to replicate the Employee from Employee Central to SAP Business ByDesign system. Fresh Replication Pull Request in this case means, if you have the Replication jobs executing in the backend automatically, then the new Employee Central changes should be detected.

On replication, required data shall be created in the SAP Business ByDesign system including Bank Transfer information and Main Bank Indicator. This will not work if you copy an existing Replication Request, as this copies what was initially replicated, which will not contain the Bank information that you require. In case the last replication request created from Employee Central for Employee XYZ is old, create a new replication request from the Employee Central to SAP Business ByDesign system.


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