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2886610 - Workflow Rule - Recipient Determination for Second Line Manager


You have set up a workflow rule with recipient maintained as manager and second line manager of the object owner.

However, the second line manager does not receive the e-mail/ notification.

If a business user is added as employee of the Sales Organization they are manager for, they have themselves maintained as their own manager and the next in line manager is not reached.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administration work centre.
  2. Go to the Workflow Rules view.
  3. Create new.
  4. Select the mandatory data, for example: BO Phone Calls. 
  5. Forward to Step 3, Define Actions.
  6. Decide on the type of rule, for example Notification or E-Mail.
  7. Both have the option: Recipient Determination.
  8. Select 'Second Line Manager' (NOTE: this option is not available for all BOs).
  9. Continue your set-up and activate the rule.
  10. Trigger the rule by editing a matching object to full-full the conditions you set up in the rule.

Result: the person you expect to receive the e-mail or notification as 'Second Line Manager' does not receive anything. However, the direct manager receives it.


In your Organizational Management > Organizational Hierarchy, you have maintained a user both as manager and employee of the same organization/ organization unit (which is a reporting line).

For example we have sales org: A123 - Sales Region Example.

This has user Example1 as Manager.

Below this, you have a sub-unit B234.

This has user Example2 as Manager.

Example2 is both maintained as employee and as manager. They are therefore their own manager.

This means, that for employees of B234, Example2 is both manager and second line manager.


Please remove Example2 as employee from B234.

Then add them to A123 as employee.

Once those changes are saved you will see that Example2's manager will no longer be themselves, but Example1.

Now, Example1 can then be pulled as second line manager.

This is expected system behaviour and logic.

Please make those changes and re-test.


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