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2882542 - How Status Changes in Sales Order with Material and Respective Back End Message Flow


 How status changes in Sales Order with material and respective back end message flow


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Belwo is an example to show how the sales order status changes when processing the order.

The example order contains only one line and fully delivered and invoiced, hence when the ourbound delivery and invoice are finished, the order becomes Completed. If there are more lines in the order, the order will be completed when all the lines are delivery and invoice finished.

Step UI Action Sender Interface Receiver Interface Influence Sales Order Status
1 Create  and save Sales Order SalesOrderProcessing CustomerRequirementProcessingFulfillmentIn Create Customer Demand In Preparation
2 Release Sales Order  SalesOrderProcessing CustomerRequirementProcessingFulfillmentIn Update Customer Demand to Not Started Open
SalesOrderProcessing  AccountingSalesAndPurchasingAccountingIn
SalesOrderProcessing  CustomerInvoiceProcessingRequestInvoicingIn Create Sales Order Invoice Request with Processed status
3 Release Customer Demand CustomerRequirementProcessing  SalesOrderProcessingFulfillmentIn Sales Order line delivery status changed to In Process In Process
LogisticsExecutionControl  OutboundDeliveryProcessingFulfilmentIn An Outbound Delivery Request got generated
4 Post Goods Issue on Delivery Proposal OutboundDeliveryProcessing  CustomerInvoiceProcessingRequestInvoicingIn Outbound Delivery Invoice Request generated In Process
InventoryProcessing  AccountingInventoryAndActivityAccountingIn Update Inventory
CustomerRequirementProcessing  SalesOrderProcessingFulfillmentIn Update delivery status in sales order line to Finished
LogisticsExecutionControl  OutboundDeliveryProcessingFulfilmentIn Update Outbound Delivery Request
SalesOrderProcessing  AccountingSalesAndPurchasingAccountingIn
SalesOrderProcessing  CustomerInvoiceProcessingRequestInvoicingIn
OutboundDeliveryProcessing  LogisticsExecutionControlFulfilmentIn
5 Invoice the Outbound Delivery Invoice Request CustomerInvoiceProcessing  SalesOrderProcessingRequestInvoicingIn Update invoice status in sales order lin to Finished Finished
CustomerInvoiceProcessing  AccountingInvoiceAccountingIn Update account balance in Receivables
SalesOrderProcessing  AccountingSalesAndPurchasingAccountingIn


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