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2878293 - Error when mapping picklist or object fields from EC to RCM through Position Management


You have configured the mapping for a picklist or object field, but are getting the following error message when trying to create the requisition from the position:

"Sorry, the requisition cannot be created. Creation of a job requisition for position xxxxx failed. Details: The mapping field cust_Field is entered in the rule to refer to another OData object, but the Job Requisition OData object has no field with this name that refers to another object."


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Implement the configuration shown in one of the following KBAs: 2361220 - "How to map Picklist fields in EC Position Management to RCM Integration with oData API?" or 2501144 - "Position to Job Requisition Rule Definition for the Job Requisition FO/GO Object Fields"
  2. Create a requisition from a position
  3. Note the error shown above


  • From the above error message, we can see that the JobRequisition Odata Object is being used.
  • Checking the Odata Data Dictionary for the JobRequisition entity, you may see that the picklist or object field you are trying to map is showing as a string, not a picklist or object.
  • This means that values such as .id or .externalCode cannot be used in the rule mapping, as these can only be used for picklist and object fields, not string.
  • The reason this field is showing as a string is because on one or more of the Job Requisition Templates, this field has been defined as text, not picklist or object. This prevents OData from knowing which field type is the correct one, and so it uses string.
  • Spelling of the field that is being referenced from the job requisition template is not matching to the rule. Eg:: field defined in the Job Requisition is PayScaleArea but the mapping rule has is pointing to payScaleArea. 


To change the Odata field to show picklist or object, not string, you will need to make sure the field definitions for the picklist field match on all job requisition templates. If there is a reason you would like the field to be of type text on one template only, you will need to change the field id of this field.

Once this is done, perform an OData refresh and re-test the mapping.

If the mapping rules is spelled incorrectly update the rule to match the field in the job requisition.

Note: Please be aware of the following KBA if changing the data type: 2734323 - "What happens when you change field types - Recruiting Management". If the field has been used as text and contains real data, it would be better to create a new field altogether for the mapping, which has the same field definition id and type on all requisition templates.


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