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2873374 - CRM Scenario: Expense - Time and Material (Project) in Sales Order


  •  This Knowledge Base Article will explain how Expense - Time and Material (Project) item type works in sales order.
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Prerequisite to do Project Based Service/Product:

Edit Project Scope>Questions> Sales>Sell Project-Based Products and Services>Check question “You can sell project-based services.” And “You use sales orders to sell projects.”

0.scope question.png

1. Release Sales Order.

If you input the project based service in the Sales Order and you want to release the Sales Order directly, error message “Order not released; No project task is assigned to item 10” will be displayed.

This is because a project based item has to have a project assigned to it.

1. release sales order.png

2. Create a Project related to this Sales Order by clicking the button 'Create Project' on the top of the screen.

2. create project.png

After creating the project, you can save and release the Sales Order without any errors. The Status of Sales Order changed to open while other status on item level remains Not Started and Project Status as “In Planning”.

2. saved to sales order.png

2. doc flow.png

3. Release the project.

3. release project.png

Back to the respective Sales Order. Releasing assigned project won’t affect Salas Order’s header status as well as on item level.

3. doc flow.png

Note : Since this item type is Expense - time and material (project), Neither Service Confirmation no time recording is needed via the project.

Expense related item is not available in Time Recording. 

The invoicing amount is based on the actual expense recorded in responsible person’s expense report.

4. Fulfill the Expense Report.

Via Home Work Center>Self-Services>Expenses>New Expense Report

In this case, I input the expense as 200 Euro which is different from the original price in Sales Order. In the Expenses step, link the project task to the expense.

4. fulfill expense report.png

4. expense report.png

Save the Expense Report and submit to approval.

Login as approver and approve Expense Report via Manage My Area >Approvals

4.approval expense report.png

5. Generate Project Inovice Request via Customer Invoicing work center -> Project Invoicing -> Projects view.

5. new CPIR.png

In the automatic generated project invoice, the List Price has been automatically fulfilled as 161.29 Euro. And you can find the total pricing as 200 Euro in Pricing sub tab.

The project details can be seen in Time and Expenses.

5. CPIR price.png

5. CPIR item.png

5.CPIR total pricing.png

Save and release the Project Invoice Request.

5.replease CPIR.png

6. Invoice the Project Invoice Request.

6. invoice CPIR.png

Back to the respective Sales Order. The header status changed to In Process. On the item level, the Invoice Status changed to In Process.

6. sales order status.png

7. Complete delivery in Sales Order by completing related Project.

If you don’t have any expense to record in this project, you can complete the related project.

6. complate project.png

Back to the respective Sales Order, the Delivery Status changed to Finished.

6. delivery finish in SO.png

8. Complete Invoicing via project invoice> Sales Orders> Change Status> Finish Invoicing.

8.complete invoicing.png

Back to the respective Sales Order.

The header level of Sales Order has been changed to Completed as well as on item level.

8.slaes order completed.png

Document flow as below:

8.doc flow.png

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