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2870653 - Configure Dunning Notice and Email Outputs for SAP Fiori apps F2435: My Dunning Proposals and F2328: Display Dunning History


Dunning notice emails are not being sent, the format of the dunning notice emails is incorrect, or dunning notice emails are being sent to the wrong recipient from app F2435: My Dunning Proposals.




You are missing settings in dunning configuration.


 For the email output to work correctly, you must make the following settings.

  1. As a configuration expert, you need to make settings in the following configuration steps. Find these configuration steps in the Manage Your Solution app under Configure Your Solution > Application Platform and Infrastructure > Output Management > Output Control >
    • Assign Form Templates
      SAP standard form template FIN_FO_DUNN_NOTE is assigned by default.
    • Assign Email Templates
      There is no default form template assigned, but you can use FIN_FO_DUNN_NOTE_EMAIL
      Note: If you use BRFplus, you can create and assign your own email template. If you don't use BRFplus, then you must use the default template. If you don't use BRFplus, the system will still allow you to assign a different template, but that template will not be used in the output - the default template will still be used regardless of what you assign. You must use BRFplus if you want to change the email output.

  2. Output Parameter Determination
    You use this app to define the default output settings for dunning notices. This app is available for the role SAP_BCR_CA_OC_PC. You must complete the following determination steps:
    • Channel: PRINT
      Entered by default: -(false)
    • Channel: EMAIL
      Set Exclusive Indicator to: -(false)
    • Email Settings
      Select the email template you assigned in Assign Email Templates. The default template is FIN_FO_DUNN_NOTE_EMAIL. You must have assigned the template already in order to select it here.
      Note: If you use BRFplus, you may have created and assigned your own email template. Non-BRFplus users must use the default template.
    • Output Type
      Always use the output type DUNN_NOTICE (Dunning Notice). Save and Activate your settings.

  3. You must maintain the email adress of the dunning notice recipient in the Acc. Clrk's internet address field within the business partner master data. No other email address in the business partner master data is taken into account. This is the only supported email address field for dunning notice recipients.

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