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2863006 - Q4 1911 Release - MDF and Business Rules related features.


This Knowledge Base Article is to document all major enhancements that customers should be aware of in Q4 1911 release. Also provides one stop shop for all out MDF Framework and Rule related features and their details.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata frameowrk (MDF)

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The documentation can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under "What's New" section will provide the detailed release summary across application.

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Component Reference No. Feature Description Additional Information/ KBA   
LOF-SF-MDF-RBP MDF-31287 Non-Secured objects can be accessed without permission "Access to Non-Secured objects' You can no longer access non-secured MDF objects if you don't have permission to 'Access to non-secured objects'. Previously, in some cases, you could access non-secured objects even if you didn't have the necessary permissions assigned to yourself. To switch back to the past behavior of accessing non-secured objects, you can opt to use the 'Continue to Allow Users Access to Non-Secured Objects without Permissions being Assigned' feature on the Upgrade Center. SAP recommends that you don't opt for this change, instead, make changes to the relevant RBP permissions roles and grant permission to specific users only. Able to Edit Non-secured MDF Objects without Permissions
LOD-SF-MDF-PKL MDF-30329 MDF Picklist enhancements  Picklist Center is now made available to all customers, including customers who have not migrated their legacy picklists to MDF. You can no longer access picklists from the Configure Objects Definitions page using the Picklists option. Instead, you must use the Picklist Center to manage all your MDF picklists. Previously, based on the picklist size, you could either see the older UI (Configure Object Definitions) or the newer UI (Picklist Center). Now all picklists are displayed on the new picklist UI, the Picklist Center. You will also be directed to the new picklist UI when you create a new picklist. If you are creating a picklist on Extension Center, you must manually add picklists to existing extensions. Picklist Center is available for non-migrated instances
LOD-SF-MDF-OBJ MDF-30320 Enhanced custom objects creation allowed limit You can now create up to 250 MDF custom objects by default and a maximum of 400 custom objects on request. If you want to create more than 250 custom MDF objects on your instance, you must raise a request with SAP customer support and provide a business reason specifying why you need a higher limit. Previously, users could only create up to 25 MDF custom objects and customers were informed that the limit was based on their license and they could increase their limit by purchasing the HANA Cloud Platform edition. If the number of MDF objects exceeds the limit, the following error message is displayed, "Sorry, you cannot create any more top-level custom MDF objects as you have exceeded the maximum limit." What is the limit on custom MDF objects in my instance? How to increase it?
LOD-SF-MDF-RBP MDF-28682 Made 'Secured'='Yes' default for creation of custom MDF objects SAP recommends that all custom MDF objects are created as RBP secured. The default value of the 'Secured' field on the Security tab is set to 'Yes' for all the custom objects in the Extension Center. By default secured is set to Yes for None, Basic, and Multiple Changes Per Day (MCPD) effective-dated objects and not for From Parent effective-dated object. As the newly-created objects are RBP secured, you need to ensure that you grant the necessary permissions before you could access such custom objects from the Manage Data page. "Secured" is by default "Yes" for Custom MDF Objects.
LOD-SF-MDF-API MDF-26164 Failed upsert now must return business key. Previously, when you upserted an MDF entity and one of the records failed, the response returned null value in the "key" field. It was difficult for you to trace the failed records without the business keys. Now we've enhanced the upsert response to include business key values for failed records except when no key values or incomplete values are provided.  NA
LOD-SF-MDF-RUL MDF-31297 Allowed 'External user visibility' to be set using Rule for Custom Object While defining business rules, you can set the value for the External User Visibility field for custom MDF objects. This is only applicable for Onboarding 2.0 use cases. How to allow 'External user visibility' to be set using Rule for Custom Object?
LOD-SF-MDF-OBJ MDF-31092 Stopped access to Attachments Marked Deleted within MDF

You are now notified if an attachment is marked for deletion. If an attachment is displayed with the 'Marked for Deletion' prefix text, we recommend that you download and upload the attachment once more, to prevent data loss.

NOTE: This change should not be noticed by customers. So if there is any issue regardigng this, please report this issue to SAP customer support for further investigation

LOD-SF-MDF-OBJ MDF-29868 Enhanced Change Audit UI to add ValueHelp for Object type/Object Instance. You can now search for and select multiple external codes using the search icon provided in the external code field while generating change audit reports for MDF Change History Data and MDF Configuration Data. Previously, you had to manually remember and enter specific external codes to generate these MDF audit reports. Change Audit Log Report for Metadata Framework (MDF) Configuration and Data Changes.
LOD-SF-MDF-OBJ MDF-29804 Now it will not be allowed to change the Effective Dating for associated objects You can no longer change the Effective Dating value of an object definition from None, Basic or Multiple Changes Per Day to From Parent if the object is associated with another object with a Valid When association. Also, you can no longer delete the parent field available on object definition, if it is configured as part of a composite association. Unable to change the Effective Dating of valid when associated objectVersion.
LOD-SF-MDF-IMP MDF-29740 Added restriction on MDF Import/Export to avoid unexpected errors To achieve better system stability, we have limited the amount of data that can be handled in each batch when you import or export data. In rare cases when the import or export fails, you can reduce the batch size by half in the Import Config page and try again. Details on "Import Data for MDF Objects"
LOD-SF-MDF-API MDF-28968 Added restriction to OData to avoid unexpected system errors We have set a service limit for large OData requests to enhance the stability and performance of MDF OData API. When you query or edit an MDF OData API and the response returns a large number of records that exceed the system-defined limit, the request fails and an error occurs. You need to adjust the request parameters so that the data size returned is within the limit. Depending on the query, the limit may vary.  NA
LOD-SF-MDF-RUL MDF-28013 Now Rules' Assignment Information will be provided. MDF-related rule scenarios now support rule assignment information. From the Business Rules Admin page, you can navigate to Configure Object Definitions or Extension Center to view rule assignment information or to assign a rule.   NA


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