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2861925 - 'Goods Receipt' and 'GR-Bsd Inv. Verif.' must have the same value


Converting a 'Service Purchase Requisition' to a 'Service Purchase Order' via the APP "Manage Purchase Requisitions" users receive this error:  'Goods Receipt' and 'GR-Bsd Inv. Verif.' must have the same value (MMPUR_SPROC045). In addition to this symptom, you may also notice when you create a Service Purchase Order without reference to another document, that the 'Goods Receipt' or the 'GR Based IV' flags are no longer automatically defaulted.


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Reproducing the Issue

With a document reference:
Open the APP 'Create Purchase Requisitions'.
Create a Service Purchase Requisition with an assigned source of supply.
Open the APP 'Manage Purchase Requisitions'.
Search for and select the Service Purchase Requisition created previously. 
Choose Create Purchase Order.
The following error is raised:

Without a document reference:
Open the APP Manage Purchase Orders.
Choose create.
Enter the required header master data and move to the item level.
Choose create at the item level.
Enter the required item master data and drill into the item.
The 'Goods Receipt' AND the 'GR based IV' flags are found under the Process Control facet.


With CE1911 a change was implemented related to services. It is now possible to generate an Invoice for a Service Purchase Order (Product type group '2') without the need to create a Service Entry Sheet. To support the process, with or without a Service Entry Sheet, the system now checks that the 'Goods Receipt' indicator AND the 'GR based IV' flag both have the same value.


For a Service Item (Product Type Group = '2'), If you intend to create a 'Service Entry Sheet', you MUST now set the 'Goods Receipt' indicator AND the 'GR based IV' flag.
If you do not want to create a 'Service Entry Sheet' you MUST leave both fields blank. 

With a document reference:
When creating a Purchase Order with reference to another document, like a Purchase Requisition or a Contract.
The system takes the 'Goods Receipt' and the 'GR based IV' flags from the reference document items. 

Without a document reference:
The system will take the 'Goods Receipt' flag from the 'item Category' or the 'Account Assignment Category' definition is one is present.
The system will take the 'GR based IV' flag from the 'Purchasing Info Record' or the 'Supplier Master data'.

When dealing with 'Enhanced Limits', the system will always clear the 'Goods Receipt' AND the 'GR based IV' flag. 
For a Service item, where Account Assignment Category 'U' is defined, it is mandatory to have a Service Entry Sheet. 
If a Service Entry Sheet has already been created it will no longer be possible to edit the fields in the Purchase Order item.


WEPOS, WEBRE, MMPUR_SPROC045, LMEPOF63, LMEPOF61, LMEPOF19, MEPO_ITEM_CHECK_S4_SERVICE, LFM1-WEBRE, T163K, 22Z. , KBA , MM-FIO-PUR-PO , Fiori UI for Purchase Orders , MM-PUR-PO , Purchase Orders , MM-PUR-REQ , Purchase Requisitions , Problem


SAP S/4HANA Cloud all versions