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2859632 - Q4-2019 / B1911 - Reporting Cell Level Guardrails Information | AYT-24281


After the b1911 release 2019, we have introduced new Reporting Guardrails to replace the current guardrails that are in place on the column limit being used in Ad Hoc Reporting.

These guardrails will be rolled out in a phased manner on both Preview and Production.

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  • SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Ad Hoc Reporting


Our research shows that data-intensive reports, delivered without consideration of architecture resources, have caused significant system instability. To improve the reliability of the SAP SuccessFactors suite, guardrails, or upper limits, will be
applied to the data-intensive reports managed through:

  • Report – Table (formerly known as Adhoc Reporting)
  • Report – Custom (formerly known as BIRT, generally built by Partners) 

The intent of this initiative is to help you use the reporting tools optimally, and build reports that cater to your business needs without disrupting the system performance. The guardrails initiative is planned over different phases and we want to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your day-to-day business while rolling out these changes:

Minimally-Disruptive Roll Out

For Roll out plan, Guardrail Experience &Considerations, please visit our community page here

What’s Changing

  • Based on our current assessment, only Level 1 Report Guardrails, will be applied. At this time, there are no additional scheduled Report Guardrails associated with the reporting tools noted below*.
  • In the relatively rare occurrence that a data-intensive report actively impacts system stability, we may temporarily pause the report and reach out with personalized alternatives and actionable guidance.
  • As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have already identified ways in which we can, behind the scenes, more efficiently process report requests. In addition, we are improving our current and future reporting solutions, like People Analytics, embedded edition, with your feedback.

*As a reminder, Level 1 Production Report Guardrails begin on February 14, 2020 and apply only to reports initiated within the Report – Table (formerly known as Adhoc Reporting) and Report – Custom (formerly known as BIRT) reporting tools.

Next Steps

  • Determine if Your Company Will Need to Modify Data-Intensive Reports
    Now available in both Preview and Production Instances, using Report Center, please review either the All Schedules or My Jobs page to identify if any reports will require modification. If Report Center is not activated, please navigate to the Scheduled Jobs page. Step-by-step guidance will be provided in the coming weeks detailing how to identify data-intensive reports using either Report Center or Classic Reporting.

  • Steps to Consider If Data-Intensive Reports Are Identified
    If a data-intensive report is identified, the first step is to determine whether the report is still needed to fulfill an active business need. If not, simply disable the report. 
    • If a report is needed, please:
      • apply filters to analyze only critical details
      • Configure data-intensive report into multiple jobs which display a subset of data which can be later combined offline. 

    • We recommend including reports which are nearing Report Guardrail cell limitations, i.e. 980,000 cells, to avoid future disruption if data scope increases. 

Current Scope of Cell Level Guardrails:

The cell level guardrail should be applicable to

  1. Non BIRT Ad Hoc reports - Report - Table
  2. BIRT Ad Hoc reports - Report - Custom
  3. Scheduled Ad Hoc Reports (S2 Jobs)

Not in Scope

  1. SFAPI 
  2. Advanced Reports
  3. ORD - LMS Reports
  4. YouCalc Homepage
  5. All other classic reports

See Also

Report Guardrails - Applying Optimal Limits on Report Output

Known Issues

Scheduled for February 14, 2020

  • Reports utilizing BIRT template & Dynamic Filtering are unable to run in offline mode currently.  Anticipated fix is to allow these to continue to run online.

  • Recruiting Management reports using Complex Columns with BIRT Template and Dynamic Filters are unable to run in offline mode currently. Anticipated fix is to allow these to continue to run online.

  • My Jobs page in Report Center does not show cell counts considering run-time filters - If a user runs a "Report - Table" or "Report - Custom" report and adds run-time filters, the initial warning message correctly shows the cell count.  However, when navigating to the My Jobs page in Report Center, the full query cell count is captured incorrectly.


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