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2859594 - How to Insert a Target Line in a Chart


You want to have a target line in some of your charts, but you are not able to do it as the system does not have this functionality by standard.


SAP Cloud for Customer


SAP Cloud for Customer does not provide a standard target line in any kind of chart.


Let's say that your business need is to show how many opportunities you have per month in 2016, while your target is to achieve 50 opportunities in a monthly basis.

As workaround to have a custom target line in your chart, you can do the following.

  1. Go to the Design Key Figures work center and click New button.
  2. Insert a name, select a data source and choose Calculated as Type.
  3. Click Next button.
  4. In the formula label, type the desired value. If you want to have a target line for 50 opportunities, just type 50 in the formula label.
  5. Finish it. As you did not apply any formula/function, your key figure will always show the same value.
  6. In Fiori, go to Business Analytics work center and Design Reports view.
  7. Search All and Find your report.
  8. Move to the rows visualization all the required fields.
  9. Go to Change Chart (table icon) and select Dual-Axis Combination chart type.

target lineeee.JPG


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