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2855559 - Checkpoints: Performance issue related to SAC Planning Function


Poor performance in SAC related to Planning Functions or Planning Models


  • SAP Analytics Cloud


  1. Quick Wins:
    1. Refresh Browser Cache:
      1. F12 or right click to select the "Inspect"
      2. Go to the "Refresh" button, and you will see 3 selections
      3. Choose "Empty Cache and Hard reload"

    2. Make sure the tips in "Best Practices for Performance" has been applied
  2. Model:
    1. Check if “Optimize Story Building Performance” in on in Model Preferences under Data and Performance
  3. Check if you can delete the private versions:  open model -> Planning and time range -> Delete Private Versions
  4. Dimension:
    1. Check if Data Access Control on the dimension level for all users
      [Better to use Data Access Control using Autorization concept using Roles, Teams]
    2. Dimension Hierarchy:
      1. Check if the performance degradation only occurs when the story contains kind of form a hierarchy
        And the performance gets better once you change it to "flat presentation"
  5. Input data:
    1. Check if zero value is pre-seeded into a very large number of cells in the model. In this case, input data will cause very large queries on the backend.
    2. Check with your business team if they really need zero values in cells that are initially unbooked
  6. Data Size:
    1. Check if the data size is within the SAC limitation: System Sizing, Tuning, and Limits
    2.  General approace to reduce the amount of data:
      1. Apply more stricter filters
      2. Work with different models for different personas
  7. Story
    1. Avoid "cascading effect" setting which is on by default in filters.
      1. 2652024 - Significant performance decrease when using filters in an SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Story
    2. Enable Beta table[suited for large tables]
      1. Beta Table Features and Limitations
    3. Disable the thresholds on cross calculations.
    4. Switch to the condensed row height layout via Styling (the icon right next to "Builder") -> Table Properties -> Row Height -> Super Condensed.
    5. Check if the performance can be better when using the right click -> Table Function ->  "Ignore Data Locks" on a table.

  8. Take network trace
    1. 2280022 - How to collect a HTTP archive (HAR) file (Chrome developer tools network trace) in SAP Analytics Cloud
  9. Take performance trace
    1. right click - Inspect
    2. go to performance tab
    3. click the record button
    4. reproduce the issue
    5. stop the recording
    6. save the trace profile
    7. zip and attach into the incident.
  10. Submit an incident to SAP: 
    1. Information needed:
      1. SAC Tenant Link
      2. SAC Model Link
      3. SAC Story Link
      4. Steps to reproduce 
    2. Components:
      1. HAN-DB-ENG-MDS [SAP HANA Multidimensional Services MDS / InA]
      2. HAN-DB-EPM[SAP HANA Planning and Simulation Platform]
      3. LOD-ANA-TAB if related to table in the story
      4. LOD-ANA-PL if it is related to planning functions

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    SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0