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2853338 - Picklist size for some of the common picklists exceeded 10000 - Pre Picklist Migration


The following error shows up in the "Premigration Check Result" of the "Validation Check & Merge Tool for Picklist Migration" page: "Picklist size for some of the common picklists exceeded 10000"


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)

Reproducing the Issue

Premigration check detected a pair of legacy & MDF picklists with the same id, but at least one of them has more than 10k options.


Since it is too large, we don't compare those picklists for performance concern, even if they are completely identical and can be merged into one. It makes no sense for the Merge Tool to show such large picklists, and would also makes little sense to do a manual comparison.

  • If they are really identical or meant to be the same, then we just need to keep only one after migration, and should remove the redundancy.
  • If they are meant to be different, then they should bear different names.


First check the usage of the two picklists, are they both being used? Are they meant to be different? Do we really need both of them?

  • If the MDF picklist is not being used at all, you can simply delete it.

  • Otherwise, you should first rename the MDF picklist, so that the legacy picklist can get migrated.
    NOTE: If the legacy picklist is not being used, then we can simply remove it after migration.

How to rename an MDF picklist:

    1. Take backups for all the refrencing objects.
    2. Change the picklist's Code
    3. Correct the references to this picklist to its new name

    NOTE: the reason why we suggest only making changes to MDF picklist is because it isn't possible to rename or delete legacy picklist, while MDF picklist can be easily renamed (id is editable from the UI).

    Things to note before changing an MDF picklist's code.

    1) If you change the externalCode of MDF picklist, and then update the data source in Object definition => The refrences in existing data will be lost.

    2) Refrences are actually lost when you change the data source, not when you rename the picklist's code. So let's say you change the code of MDF picklist from ABC => XYZ and then revert it back without changing the data source on object level => No references will be lost.

    3) While you have changed the code of MDF picklist, and you are yet to update the data source with latest code => If at this point someone update any record in object, that record will not have correct refrences to the picklist value. (Or you can say, the refrences will not be valid, since the code has been changed but the data source is still pointing to old code)

    NOTE: Generally, try to avoid changing the code of MDF picklists. If you have no other option to proceed, be very careful while changing the code of MDF picklist and perform well calculated changes to avoid any loss of references.

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