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2832169 - Cloud Integration Error: "The target server failed to respond"


CPI integration flow fail with Remotely Closed Connection error, while communicating with backend system such as Hybris Marketing, SuccessFactors etc.

  1. Inbound processing in endpoint at /PRD/c4c/ymkt/registeredproduct failed with message "Fault:Sequential processing failed for number 1. Exchange[ID-vsa6726847-38436-1563102567452-43-180864]. Caused by: [ - HTTP Request failed with error : The target server failed to respond]", caused by "NoHttpResponseException:The target server failed to respond"
  2. Inbound processing in endpoint at /PRD/c4c/ymkt/registeredproduct failed with message "Fault:Sequential processing failed for number 0. Exchange[ID-vsa6463495-46574-1563102663218-43-174532]. Caused by: [ - Service Unavailable : 503 : HTTP/1.0 ]", caused by "OsciExceptionService Unavailable : 503 : HTTP/1.0 "


The issues occurs when the server closes the connection even before client (i.e. CPI) can respond. There are multiple reasons to why a server does a connction reset. Some include the following:

  1. Too many parallel reqeusts or sessions open resulting in server running out of sockets.
  2. Large request, possibly URI or headers which server cannot handle.
  3. Security policies that the client migth be possibly violating. For example, sending blocklisted header or those IP that are not allowlisted.


The root casue of the issue is only known to the backend service and therefore first needs to be reported to the Backend service team for further analysis. Based on the feedback from Service team, the exact solution can be defined.

Below are some of the resolutions that in the past have helped remove or reduce the instances of the error with the reasons included.

  1. Session reuse can reduce number of open sockets on the server. Helps when server keeps persistent sockets bound to session.
  2. Apache servers may have URI Lenght restritions(<8142 characters) and the request query formed in integartion flow by the customer exceeds this limit.
  3. Request header exceeds defined size. Integration Developer has defined large values as headers in script or Content Modifier and the same gets forwarded to the server.
  4. In case of large payloads, handling data in pages or batches can be helpful. For an example, refer blog


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