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2816794 - The Fields Department and Job Appear Blank When the Employee is Assigned as the Manager of Organizational Unit


Your requirement is to assign the employee as the Manager of the Organizational Unit. Using Data Workbench, upon assigning employee as the Manager of the Organizational Unit, the fields Department and Job appear blank in the Employees Object Work List.


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Reproducing the Issue

To upload Employee Organizational Unit Assignment:

1. Go to Data Workbench workcenter
2. Go to Import tab
3. Select the radio button for Individual Object
4. Go to Upsert tab
5. Select the object Employee Organizational Unit Assignment for which you want to update data

In the upload file, you have filled the data as below:
External_Key : Ext_12345
Employee_ID : XXXXX
Organizational_Unit_ID : 9999
Role : 218
Role_Text : Manager
Valid_From : YYYY1:MM1:DD1
Valid_To : YYYY2:MM2:DD2
Job_ID : Job_12345

*where Ext_12345 represents the External Key
XXXXX represents the Employee ID
9999 represents the Organizational Unit ID
218 represents the Role code for Manager
YYYY1:MM1:DD1 represents the Valid From date
YYYY2:MM2:DD2 represents the Valid To date
Job_12345 represents the Job ID of the Manager

6. Select Next
7. Browse for the file
8. Select Upload
9. Choose Next to review the summary of your selection
10. Select Import
11. Go to Monitor view to check the status of your import
12. Upload is successful

Check the data of uploaded Employees:

  1. Go to People workcenter
  2. Go to Employees view
  3. Show All Employees
  4. Find the Employee ID XXXXX that you uploaded
  5. In the Object Work List, for the Employee which has been assigned as a Manager, the Job and Department show blank


C4C distinguishes in its Employee maintenance strictly between Organizational Assignments as Manager (Role code 218) and Organizational Assignments as Employee (Role code 219). It is assumed that whenever a Manager is part of the Department, he/ she is managing not only an assignment as Manager is maintained, but also an assignment as Employee.

On the header section of the Employee UI, only the Department and Job of the Employee Organizational Assignment are shown. The full data can be seen on the facet Organizational Assignments, which you can navigate as below:

  1. Go to People workcenter
  2. Go to Employees view
  3. Show All Employees
  4. Find the Employee ID XXXXX that you uploaded
  5. Select the Employee ID XXXXX
  6. Go to the Organizational Assignments
  7. You will be able to see the Assigned as Manager details


In the upload file for the Employee Organizational Unit Assignment, provide an Organizational Assignment as Employee for Employee XXXXX


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