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2816514 - How to Resolve Pre Picklist Migration Issues


This article lists the most common issues indicated in Manage Picklist Migration Conflicts tool and directs you to respective KBAs for resolution steps.


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Error KBA
Picklist size for some of the common picklists exceeded 10000 2853338 - Picklist size for some of the common picklists exceeded 10000 - Pre Picklist Migration
Found orphan children picklists for matching parent picklists 2809351 - How to Resolve Picklist with Matching Parent and Orphan Child - Pre Picklist Migration
Picklists with multiple parents error 2770433 - How To Resolve Picklist With Multiple Parent Error - Pre Picklist Migration
Picklist with parent in legacy, not present in MDF. [picklistId]
Picklist with parent in MDF, not present in legacy. [picklistId]
2892775 - How to fix Picklist with parent in legacy, not present in MDF error - Pre Picklist Migration
Self reference picklist options  2770471 - How to Fix Self Referencing Picklist Error - Pre Picklist Migration
Found a hierarchy that consists of an EC2MDF picklist(s) with non-EC2MDF parent(s) 2887126 - How to fix EC2MDF hierarchy picklist error - Pre Picklist Migration

EC2MDF and Legacy Picklist are out of sync:

  • Invalid EC2MDF Entry: Missing MDF PickListValues for legacy options
  • Invalid EC2MDF Entry: Inconsistent status
2770463 - How to Fix EC2MDF Out Of Sync Errors - Pre Picklist Migration
Picklists having cyclic dependency for parent option id  2770481 - How to Fix Cyclic Picklist Errors - Pre Picklist Migration
Timeout in Validation Check & Merge Tool  2809364 - Timeout in Validation Check & Merge Tool - Pre Picklist Migration
Unable to Edit Decisions Made 2847070 - Unable to Edit Decisions Made on the Merge Tool for Picklist Migration

For overall understanding of how to prepare for picklist migration, please refer to KBA 2770495 - What are Picklist Migration Conflicts and how to prepare for migration. You might also want to check the Picklist Migration Guide for details on the migration process, the post-migration steps as well as on how to find out if your instance is already migrated or not.


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