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2807190 - Point-of-Sale Transactions is Inconsistent with the Error Tax Region is missing and/or Tax Group is missing


You created a Point-of-Sale Transaction but the Sales Transaction is Inconsistent with the following error:

Sales Item ABC-X: Tax group is missing
Tax Item ABC-X: Tax region is missing


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to the Point-of-Sale Transactions view.
  3. Select the Sales Transaction sub view.
  4. Open Sales Transaction ABC (ABC represents the Internal ID of the Sales Transaction).
  5. The following errors are displayed: 
    Sales Item ABC-X: Tax group is missing (X represents the Item number)
    Tax Item ABC-X: Tax region is missing


The Tax Country used in the payload is a simplified Tax Country. For Simplified Tax Countries you have to pass

  • the Tax Group ID on both the sales and tax items since sales items, in the case of simplified tax codes, do not have other tax attributes as tax type or tax rate.
  • the Tax Region in the sales item.

Tax Group ID: Groups the items that incur tax as the resulting tax items. This is merely for the system to identify the grouping of sales and tax items regardless of what value you enter. It is preferable to have values entered here in a sequence, rather than random ones. Important is to pass the same Tax Group ID on the sales and tax items for the same item.

Tax Region: A region code specifying the region in which the tax is incurred. For example if the tax incures according to the Ship-From Party then the reagon of the Ship-From location should be used as the Tax Region. You can find the respective values for the Region in the Fine Tuning Activity Regions in your Business Configuration.

We currently have 4 Simplified Tax Countries:

  • Canada
  • Spain
  • India
  • Mexico


Please find below a sample payload for the Point-of-Sale Transaction for the Tax Country Spain:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:glob="">
               <InternalID schemeID="CommunicationSystemID" schemeAgencyID="310">JAVAPOS</InternalID>
               <TotalGrossAmount currencyCode="EUR">55.00</TotalGrossAmount>
               <TotalNetAmount currencyCode="EUR">50.00</TotalNetAmount>
               <TotalTaxAmount currencyCode="EUR">5.00</TotalTaxAmount>
                  <GrossAmount currencyCode="EUR">55.00</GrossAmount>
                  <NetAmount currencyCode="EUR">50.00</NetAmount>
                  <TaxAmount currencyCode="EUR">5.00</TaxAmount>
                  <Quantity unitCode="EA">4.00</Quantity>
                  <TaxationCharacteristicsCode listID="ES">316</TaxationCharacteristicsCode>
                  <ProductTaxationCharacteristicsCode listID="ES">316</ProductTaxationCharacteristicsCode>
                  <TaxRegionCode listID="ES">08</TaxRegionCode>
                  <BusinessTransactionCurrencyAmount currencyCode="EUR">5.00</BusinessTransactionCurrencyAmount>
                     <CashStorageCurrencyAmount currencyCode="EUR">55.00</CashStorageCurrencyAmount>
                  <BusinessTransactionCurrencyAmount currencyCode="EUR">55.00</BusinessTransactionCurrencyAmount>


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