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2800231 - FAQ - About Service Event Bus (SEB) and Real-time user creation/updates in LMS



SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS); BizX HCM Suite


What is Service Event Bus (SEB)?

Service Event Bus is an asynchronous messaging service (HornetQ) that handles the real-time creation and updates of users in LMS as soon as these users are created/updated in the BizX UI.

When and how frequently does SEB update LMS?

SEB handles events in real-time and OData API calls are triggered whenever a user get created or updated manually in the BizX UI. SEB does not trigger API calls when BizX users get created via a user import job (either Scheduled job or API).

Does SEB trigger API calls when users get created in Employee Profile (EP) or Live Profile (EC)?

It triggers when users get created in both EP and EC, as long as they are manually created in the UI.

What fields get synced over when users are created via SEB?

SEB user creation adheres to LMS SF User Connector mapped fields. It also adherers to all of SF User Connector properties and rules, such as copy rules, default values and transformation rules.

What fields in LMS get updated when changed on BizX for existing users inside LMS?

Only a user's language and timezone will be updated by SEB in real-time. When either language or timezone get changed manually in BizX UI SEB handles the real-time update in the LMS for the particular integrated user.

How can you prevent SEB from creating users in LMS in real-time as soon as they get created manually in BizX UI?

We do not recommend disabling SEB as it will impact other core integration functionality between BizX and LMS. However, if you want to prevent certain users from being created in LMS in real-time via SEB a possible workaround might be to force the API to fail for a particular user. An easy way to achieve this would be to include an LMS reference field in BizX creation process and give the user a value that does not exist in the mapped reference table for that particular field. This will force the user record creation to fail so that it does not get synced over in the OData API call. For Example, you could map an available BizX custom column (CUSTOM01) to any user field in LMS (COUNTRY or CUSTOM COLUMN) and include a value that does not exist in the LMS reference table. This will force the create user API to fail as it would if you tried to create a user via Connector with a reference field value that does not exist for that reference field in the LMS.


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