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2788831 - Hiring Manager Tasks Tile Feature - Onboarding 1.0 [Integration with BizX]


How does Onboarding Tasks Tile in To Do in SAP SuccessFactors HCM Homepage works?


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 - All Versions


For Live Customer(s), Implementation Partner(s), and Consultant(s)

The Onboarding Task Tile in To Do, helps assigned Hiring Managers to view their pending activities after logging in to the system. Below is the information on how it works and guide to enable this feature.

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Enable Onboarding Tasks Todo Tile


Enabling Onboarding Tasks Todo Tile

Customer System Administrators needs to request to SAP Successfactors Cloud Product support if they would like to enable the feature. Kindly access SAP One Support Launchpad and contact us via SAP Expert Chat or Support Incident. In addition, follow the template when creating an incident and provide the needed information below.

  • Subject: KBA 2788831 - Enable Onboarding Tasks Todo Tile
  • Component: LOD-SF-OBD-XXX

Problem Description:

  1. BizX Company ID 
    • [Insert affected instance]
  1. Affected Hire/Candidate
    • [Insert affected hire/candidate's name]
    • [Insert screenshot of the issue]
  1. Permission to run a script to identify affected users and re-send the event
    • [Insert approval]
  1. Username for Support Access (Read the agreement below)
    • [Insert Username]
  • May we have your approval for accessing your system environment to continue request? (Reply with your confirmation and username to access, refer to KBA listed below)
  • With your approval, accessing your system environment you agree for the actions we will take below.
    1. Review the data of affected users and compare it to those users who are working as expected.
    2. Capture screenshots/record screen clips of the issue.
    3. Analyze your system configuration
  • To know how to grant support access to SAP Cloud Product Support, please read the full article on 'How to Grant Support Access to SuccessFactors Support Staff' by clicking the reference KBA 2088892.


Implementation Partner(s) and Consultnat(s) who have access to provisioning can enable the feature in Company Settings in the back end


How does Onboarding Tasks shows Pending Activities?

  • The items listed in the tile is based on active or in progress activities in Onboarding application
  • Activities will show in the tile base from OnboardingCandidateInfo object in Manage Data
  • The managerId controls to whom the activity will show in Onboarding Tasks Tile


In Onboarding, the user who expects to receive the item in Onboarding Tasks Tile should be the assignee of the Onboarding Activity and managerId in OnboardingCandidateInfo 

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How is Due Date counted?

The due date shown in Onboarding Tasks Tile is based from the Start Date (WOTCStartDate) field in Onboarding.

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