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2767574 - How to Import Candidate Profile via Legacy Data Import - Recruiting Management


How to import Candidate Profile into the system using Legacy Data Migration under Provisioning

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Data Import is done via CSV file import. The import files must be hand-created by the Professional Services representative. 

Best practices tips:

  1. You cannot update the uploaded records. Please make sure that .csv files contain all correct information before importing data to the system. Avoid duplicate fields/columns.
  2. Please review the following Knowledge Base Article regarding file encoding and please follow the best practices when working with .CSV files: 2320676
  3. Test the import with a small set of data and confirm that the date is properly imported before proceeding with the main import.
  4. Please note that importing more than 5000 lines of data in a single job can result in unstable behavior so please split the import jobs accordingly. Please refer to this information in the Guide here.
  5. Avoid to add brackets symbol ( ) [ ] in the cv file name to avoid any error while importing resumes to the system.
  6. Make sure that the csv file for resume import does not contain the following characters: # (Number Sign), ? (Question Mark), / (Slash)
  7. During the import jobs there should be no changes to the data performed in the user interface
  8. If you find any errors in the Provisioning -  Monitor Job, you can verify the details of the error and try to import again with the errors fixed. A few commons error are:
  • FTP transport failed to get data file from FTP server: (FTP Server) - The job was not able to find the file inside the server due to a mismatch with the name. Please, verify the file name and be sure the extension ".csv" are set correctly in both sides (Provisioning and SFTP server).
  • Invalid field(s): The following fields-IDs are not declared in the Candidate Profile. Make sure the import file contain only valid fields from the CPT.
  • Missing required field(s) : The following fields-ID are required inside the CPT, but were not declared within the import file. Make sure to declare all the mandatory fields, otherwise the system will be not able to create the Candidate Profile.
  • Missing required field(s) : country: The field "country" will be required, even thought it's not required in the CPT. 

Building the Job

  1. In Provisioning, go to Manage Schedule Jobs
  2. Create new Job
  3. Type the Job Name and select the Job Owner
  4. In the Job Type dropdown, select "Candidate Import"
  5. On Job Parameters, choose "Candidate Profile Information"
  6. Enter the SFTP server that the file will be hosted
  7. Fill the FTP Login and Password
  8. On the file path, you need to set where the file was storage inside the server. For e.g. "/files/employee_info".
  9. In File Name, type as exactly the file name (With the extension ".csv).
  10. Define the Occurrence for the job and the Notification configuration
  11. Create Job. 
  12. If the Job does not have recurrence, the job needs to be executed under Manage Schedule Jobs

After executing the Job, you can check in Monitor Jobs what were the results. If the job was executed successfully, you can click on "Details" and check the following scenario.


If after importing the candidate using Legacy Import and the import was executed fine, but the candidate is not available, please check this KBA: 2279481

NOTE: If the field-id "Resume" is required and an attachment should be uploaded, on the section "resume" inside the job, you must define the attachment name, for e.g. "resume.docx" inside the file and upload the attachment with the file in the same location. For e.g., if the file was upload in "/files/candidateimport", the attachment should be upload as well in "/files/candidateimport", otherwise the system will be not able to identify and upload the attachment.

Resume example.png

Please find the Legacy Import template file attached to this KBA.

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