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2756958 - How to Audit MDF Objects


  • What is MDF Audit?
  • GDPR objects vs Non GDPR
  • How to enable MDF Audit?
  • How to request audit report for Non GDPR MDF objects? 
  • What about GDPR related objects?
  • Will self service option be available for non GDPR MDF objects? 


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What is MDF Audit?

  • MDF has its own seperate audit table solution for GDPR and non GDPR MDF objects
  • This is a free opt-in feature and is configured at the object level.
  • Customers must review the Audit configuration for all MDF objects for which they need to audit.
  • If audit is not turned on the object level we will not be able to provide any audit information.
  • Note this is on the obect level so you must configure audit for each object.
  • For example Position can have the audit turned on while Payment Information might have audit being turned off.
  • It records changes which includes create/update/delete/insert all
  • Note it only changes to the MDF records, currently changes to the object configuration is not covered by this framework.
  • There are plans to introduce this feature in the future

How to enable MDF audit for my instance ?

To enable MDF audit follow the below steps

  1. Login to application and Go to Configure Object Definition
  2. Select the specific Object and Do make correction
  3. Change field MDF Version History to ‘Delete History’ or ‘Complete History’  based on the need and save.(We recommend using Complete History)
  4. Once this is completed you will be able to obtain audit data from this date.

For more details on MDF Version History please see 2603939 - MDF version history field in Object definition

How to request audit report for non GDPR MDF objects? 

To request audit report for non GDPR objects an incident with customer support is required

Open an incident under the Foundation & Tools category (LOD-SF-MDF) with this Template request:

Data required : For example: "Audit on changes to a record in a Payment Information object, "
User population: For example "Audit on all users" or "Only users in division ABC" or on non user based objects like All Positions or Positions with external code ‘PO100’
Time frame : For example: "Length of time"

This should be sufficient for the majority of requests. If Engineering require further information support will let you know.

Note: requests like "changes to all objects" will not be supported, you need to refine your request. If you have mutiple requests on multiple objects then please open a new incident per object request.

The MDF support team will then create an internal JIRA  (MDF-TASK-GDPR change log) to request this data.
Turnaround Time: It can take several weeks to process these non-critical requests. (For urgent requests please use standard escalation processes)

What about GDPR related MDF objects?
  • For GDPR related object you must have LSDP configured in manage data.
  • It is mandatory that MDF version history is enabled before LSDP configuration can be created.
  • Again this is determined by the customer and ultimately they decide what objects are GDPR related and what objects are to be included in the Audit
  • This means you must select the custom object and set up Legislatively Sensitive Data Configuration on Manage Data for that object.
  • This process must be repeated and followed per each MDF object required
  • From there you can use the selfservice Change Audit tool to obtain audit reports for MDF objects
  • See 2744431 for reference on how to use the self service Change Audit tool
Will self service option be available for non GDPR MDF objects? 
  • Currently customers can use the self service tool for GDPR objects as described above.
  • Engineering are currently working on developing this feature as a self serving feature for Non GDPR MDF objects. However there is no release date confirmed as there is on-going tests to overcome issues deliverying it to customers.
  • Once this functionality is confirmed, details will be included in the quarterly release notes


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