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2752144 - SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) & SAP Digital Boardroom customer incidents with priority 1 (very high) terms and conditions


  • It is not clear what circumstances justify the "Very High" incident priority for SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) & SAP Digital Boardroom customer incidents with priority 1 (very high) terms and conditions.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud



Documented in SAP Note 67739 - Priority of problem incidents, an incident should be categorized with the priority of "very high", if it has very serious consequences for normal business processes, IT processes related to core business processes, or urgent work cannot be performed.

This is generally caused by the following circumstances:

  • A productive system is completely down.
  • The imminent system go-live or upgrade of a production system cannot be completed.
  • The customer's core business processes are seriously affected.
  • And for each circumstance a workaround is not available.

The two most critical situations are: PRODUCTION DOWN and GO-LIVE.


  • The entire system is technically down and cannot be accessed. See the SAP cloud availability center to see status and availability.
  • The system goes down multiple times a day resulting in a disruption of a core business process.
  • The customer's core business processes are seriously affected.
  • A business process that can result in a significant financial loss or with legal ramifications if it cannot be executed on time.
  • Core business processes cannot be completed without any feasible workarounds.

If a remote or live connection is in use, the general unavailability of SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom presentations can have a serious impact on a business process but access to the underlying data source remains possible with other frontend reporting tools such as SAP Analysis for Office (if available) or using native access to an underlying data source. These are feasible workarounds to access urgently required data in most cases.

  • Examples (In production systems) where a "Very High" priority can be justified:
    1. A story (report) or digital boardroom presentation must be submitted or accessed for an organization's adherence to laws, regulations or guidelines relevant to its core business.
    2. Data cannot be loaded into a model used for a story or digital boardroom presentation that must be submitted or accessed for an organization's adherence to laws, regulations or guidelines relevant to its core business.
  • Examples (In production systems) where "Very High" priority is not justified:
    1. Performance problems (A story or digital boardroom presentation can still be accessed).
    2. Connection, installation and configuration issues.
    3. Third party data source issues.
    4. Consulting issues or enhancement requests / missing functionality. See 2706322 - What is Support – What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions

2. GO-LIVE (During project implementations)

  • Go live (including go / no-go decisions for a project phase) situations in a project do not justify the creation of a "very high" priority incident. In such cases, other escalation options are available. Please contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) described in SAP Note 90835 (see SAP Note 560499 for CIC telephone numbers) or the international subsidiary.
  • One exception you may create a "very high" priority incident is when a go-live or critical project milestone with a go/no-go decision is imminent and the problem has not occurred in the project before (that is, prior testing has successfully passed).
  • For all test, demo (partner test and demonstration / T&D), preview and POC systems, a very high priority incident cannot be justified and will be downgraded to a more suitable priority.

 MUST DO’s for customers to ensure prompt processing of P1 / priority 1 / very high incidents:

  1. Provide the full business impact (BI).
  2. The business impact fulfills the above definition for a "very high" priority incident.
  3. Specify at least two (2) 24-hour points of contact in the incident.
  4. Provide access to your system via the support user option or an alternative method (such as WTS if SSO is active).
  5. The incident text describes the primary aspect of the problem that is impeding the process flow in the production system.
  6. There is a step-by-step description of how the problem is reproduced in your system (the objects in question are in English). See 2487011.
  7. In remote / live connection scenarios, ensure that remote access to all systems is available using a preferred SAP remote support methods (i.e. SAPRouter / VPN).

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