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2740910 - What falls within the purview of Product Support team for Platform Features?


  • This document will help you identify what are the areas where partners can perform the actions required on their side; Example= changes to your configurations.
  • Also this will let you know in what kind of requests we need the Product support involvement.


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Most configuration changes can be performed in the Admin Center UI and do not require engagement from SAP Cloud Product Support, however there are other changes which would require access to Provisioning or may require you to leverage SAP Professional Services or an Implementation Partner.

1. What changes can I perform in the Admin Center UI? There are certain Platform features which can be configured or changed from the Admin Center UI and do not require SAP Cloud Product Support’s engagement for carrying out changes in the intended configurations.

    • IP Restriction Management;
    • Action Search;
    • DRTM Upgrades;
    • Manage Provisioning Access (Add or Remove Users);
    • Manage languages;
    • Manage SAML SSO (With IAS Tenant subscription);
    • Enable Intelligent Services using Upgrade Center;
    • Extract Audit reports (Proxy / RBP Roles & Group Changes / Profile Changes);
    • Configure Instance Synchronization Tool
    • Role Based Permission Migration. 

2. What change requests are Out of Scope for SAP Cloud Product Support, and are considered Implementation Requests? For any Implementation Request, SAP Professional Services or an Implementation Partner should be engaged to ensure your Business Processes are understood correctly and requirements are implemented as per your business needs. Implementation Requests are not supported by SAP Cloud Product Support.

    • User ID conversation;
    • Merge User ID;
    • Company ID change when multiple module integrations are in place;
    • Data Center Migrations;
    • Data Model Changes except the one listed in next section;
    • Third party application integration with BizX – Outbound SSO;
    • Create/Edit Custom login pages (HTML);
    • Create / Edit Email templates;
    • Create / Edit Custom tiles;
    • We don’t support/help customers with their infrastructure changes such as:
      • Domain Masking
      • SMTP server upgrade
      • Network issues

3. What changes cannot be performed from the Admin Center UI and requires further engagement from SAP Cloud Product Support? There could be 2 types of changes that you may need to perform in order to do any business process change or configuration change:

1. Data Model Changes

    • Label Changes
    • Standard field additions: e.g. Login Method and Status
    • Add or remove Dynamic Groups fields <dg-filters>, mainly used for RBP Permission Groups.
    • Add or Remove fields from Employee Export file
    • Change Required Fields settings

2.  Enable a new language pack

3. Create Super Admin via Provisiong

4. Create/Edit Scheduled Job

5. Import and Export PGP Keys to Encrypt files from Scheduled Jobs

6. Update Single Sign-On Configuration (Certificate, Redirects)

How to engage with a Certified SAP Partner? 

Please reach out to our Partners today to engage with an expert.

Steps to engage a Certified SAP Partner directly

  1. Visit our "Find and SAP Partner" page,
  2. Click the "Search the SAP Partner Finder" button.
  3. You can then use the filter options in the left navigation panel to find a Certified Partner based on your needs.
  4. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

Please note that each Partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between Partners. There are a number of Partners that are happy to perform the types of changes/implementations listed here.

Steps to engage with SAP Professional Services

=> Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Customer Engagement Executive or your Sales Representative to get engaged.

=>You can also follow the KBA: 2149831

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