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2738889 - Request for activation of South Korea


Dear Customer,

The activation of South Korea in your scope is currently under controlled availability and can only be activated by SAP. In order to activate this localization it is required that you go through the detailed documentation, which informs you about the features which are currently available and supported, before the localization can be activated.


Please follow the below steps activate South Korea for you tenant:

  1. Review the documentation under:
    1. Select the link
    2. Select Products in the menu bar.
    3. Select the Products A-Z tab.
    4. Select SAP Business ByDesign.
    5. Select the Capabilities tab.
    6. In the section Localization click on the hyperlink Pre-localized countries.
    7. In the document SAP Business ByDesign Localization Capabilities navigate to the Page for South Korea and review the localization capabilities.
      Quick link: SAP Business ByDesign Localization Capabilities
  2. Once you revised this document please send the incident back to us with the following statement confirming that you are aware of the current scope and wish to activate South Korea in your tenant:

    We understand that South Korea is under controlled availability. We have read the documentation and understand the current capabilities and limitations. Please activate the country scope in our tenant.”

  3. SAP will then activate South Korea and inform you of the successful activation via the incident.

System set up after activation:

After South Korea is activated in your tenant we strongly recommend to you to go through the following documentation:

  • Help Center Documentation:

    1. Withholding Tax Reporting — South Korea
    2. VAT Reporting— South Korea
    3. Electronic Tax Invoice – Korea
    4. Business Place and Industry Type - South Korea

New Requirements or additional features:

Any features or functionalities currently not in scope for South Korea can be directly submitted to the correct decision makers at SAP via Customer Influencer. The Customer Influence site,, allows customers to log Improvement Requests themselves and have the ability to work directly with our technology and development group.

Customer Influence allows you:

  • To search for existing ideas
  • To vote for ideas
  • To subscribe to ideas
  • To create new ideas

SAP is committed to reviewing and responding to the Improvements Requests submitted on a regular basis. The Improvement Requests with the most votes will receive a higher level of attention for response and consideration. The processes and procedures associated with this site will continue to evolve and enhance over time.

You can access the specific solutions Enhancement Request page by browsing the site or clicking on the links below and search, vote or create new Improvement Requests.

Customer Influence site for SAP Business ByDesign:


Best regards,

SAP Cloud Product Support



SAP Business ByDesign


With Release 2008 South Korea is planned to be under standard availability.

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