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2735687 - How to connect SAP Jam with Zapier?


How to connect SAP Jam with Zapier?

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SAP Jam Collaboration



  1. Zapier account
  2. SAP Jam tenant Enterprise edition

Configuring integration between Zapier and your sales demo tenant

  1. Connect to your trigger application
  2. After clicking "Make a Zap" you first need to connect to an application that will trigger an action in SAP Jam. In this example,  we are using Google Calendar.


  1. Select a trigger next, for example a new event that gets posted on Google Calendar.


  1. Next, connect to your Google account and select the correct calendar.

Define the action happening in SAP Jam

  1. Select the SAP Jam Collaboration app first, then choose the action "Create Group Event".



  1. Next, connect to your SAP Jam tenant. There you have to select your SAP Jam tenant domain. Eg: for a Jam tenant in dc4


  1. The second field that you can see above is the OAuth2 token. To get this we will switch over to the SAP Jam application.

OAuth2 token from SAP Jam

As you can see from the screenshot above the best way to implement this integration is to use an Alias Account in SAP Jam.

So we are going to do 3 things now:

  1. Create an OAuth client.
  2. Create an alias user and connect that to the OAuth client.
  3. Invite the alias user to the group you want the events to be created in.

When you create your OAuth client in the admin panel in SAP Jam make sure to give it a proper name and link back to the zap that will be using this client.
The more information you provide here, it will be easier to refer in the future.


Next, under Users > Alias Accounts create an alias user that will execute the posts from Zapier.
When you create such a user click the button "Add OAuth2 Access Token" and select your Zapier OAuth client that you created before.

Lastly, invite this new alias user to the group you want the user to post the updates from Google Calendar.

Once the alias account has accepted the invite and you finished the last step on the Zapier side, you can try out the integration.

Define the SAP Jam group and map the fields from Google to SAP Jam

The last step of the configuration requires to map the incoming data from the Google Calendar event to the event in SAP Jam.

First, define the group you want the events to be posted in. For that navigate to a group and copy the group ID from the URL.
This is an example:
The group ID is what comes after groups, meaning ULd22JvRCQOhpT7o91AiKQ  in this case.

Second map the event start and end dates from Google to the fields in Jam.


Test integration from Google Calendar to SAP Jam

Now test the integration and you should get to such a screen:


If you see a status "201 Created" you will also be able to see the event in the calendar in your defined SAP Jam group.


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