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2734443 - FAQ: Course Home (enableCourseHome)


This article collates some questions around the Course Home (enableCourseHome) functionality and not Blended Course Home which was released in 2H 2020.


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Note: The Course Home Experience is still in development. Please check the Roadmap for more information. Any change in the current functionality is subject to change.

Question: Currently all online content, regardless of source, opens in the same window within Course Home. The Course Home interface overrides the “Launch in a New Browser Window:” setting currently available to customers at the content object level. Will there be a configuration option available within Course Home to allow customers to still open content in a new window if they wish to?

  • Answer: There are certain scenarios such as Browser type Content Objects which display the option to launch in a new browser window in Course Home but to make a more streamlined approach, content renders inside the LMS.

Question: When Course Home is released to Production environments, will it be an “opt-in” feature or will it be mandatory?

  • Answer: It is an Opt in feature. To disable the 'Course Home' feature: System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > edit LMS_ADMIN > enableCourseHome=false. Also, please see other notes below. 

Question: If Course Home will be rolled out to Production as a mandatory upgrade, will customers be able to subsequently turn off the Course Home functionality via an LMS configuration option (LMS_ADMIN)?

  • Answer: When a feature becomes universal, it cannot be turned off.

Question: Will there be a configuration option available within course home to hide the right-hand navigation menu from view by default?

  • Answer: Depending on the content object/package setup if this navigation is hidden by default, users might not be able to navigate. This is the current functionality of the system.

Question: Content navigation is currently brought in from the content object, and is not part of the right-hand navigation menu. If a course is built to close and record completion for the course via an “Exit” button built into the course navigation, in Course Home this “exit” button no longer works. In instances like this, how will course completion status be recorded and how will students know that they’ve not completed the course?

  • Answer: This is a current limitation on how the Course Home was designed. As a workaround, remove the exit button if it does not work or code it to redirect to another page in the content that tells them it is OK to navigate away.

Question: Will content brought in via external vendors (SkillSoft, OCN) be presented the same way by Course Home as customer-created online content?

  • Answer: SkillSoft is already supported but OCN courses will be supported in future.

Question: Will “other” content (video, documents, animations, etc.) also be presented in Course Home the same way?

  • Answer: Browser based content give you message it will be launched in new window and they get an option to launch

Question: Are there any limitation on the number of content objects that can be displayed in the new course Home page?

  • Answer: Course Home structure limits the number of folders and objects that are viewable in the content structure to 100 total. There are no workaround/solution to change this currently. Please raise an enhancement request to change this behavior, if required.

Question: What are the current Learning features/functionality that do not work with Course Home?

Other notes:

  • Any feedbacks encountered on this can be provided on SuccessFactors Community.
  • If current functionality/limitation does not meet your business needs, an enhancement should be posted on the Influence Page.

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