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2727713 - Mapping considerations for pay component fields for EC integration with Onboarding or Recruiting


  •  This article is to provide some additional info around setting up recurring paycomponent fields when considering to map these fields between Employee Central (EC) integration with either Onboarding (ONB) or Recruiting (RCM).
  • Please note that this article was written from a receiving perspective (Receiving perspective on EC side) and not from the ONB or RCM side. So this article will not talk about configuration/setup within ONB or RCM.


  • SAP Successfactors HCM Suite
  • Employee Central
  • EC Integration with Onboarding or Recruiting


  • The main consideration related to Recurring paycomponent is that you have to hardcode the variant for eached mapped paycomponent with the paycomponent type.

See the below example mapping for RCM that shows how all paycomponent fields that are being mapped are for paycomponent type: Base_Salary

"Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental."

<source refid="app_payCurrency" entity-type="offerletter"/>
<target refid="payComponentRecurring.currency-code.Base_Salary"/>
<source refid="app_Rate" entity-type="offerletter"/>
<target refid="payComponentRecurring.paycompvalue.Base_Salary"/>
<source refid="offer_frequency" entity-type="offerletter"/>
<target refid="payComponentRecurring.frequency.Base_Salary"/>

In Onboarding field mapping tool, the mapping will look something like the following example (Note how the variant is filled in with the paycomponent name/type):


So why is this important to understand when configuring mapping?

Since it is not possible to send the paycomponent name/type as a mapped field by itself and you have to hardcode the paycomponent as the variant, you will have to consider that every paycomponent you map will always be shown for every candidate during the hire process.

So in certain cases this can be seen as limitation.

Take for example if you have BaseSalary paycomponent for every country (BaseSalary_China, BaseSalary_USA, BaseSalary_Germany etc).

If you have this base salary per country setup and you would map all the fields for each country in one mapping xml; you would end up with each candidate that you hire see all the country paycomponents shown during the hire process.

Even if you do not send or fill in no values for BaseSalary_China and only send values for BaseSalary_USA; you will still see for each candidate one like with all values filled in for paycomponent "BaseSalary_USA" and one additional pay component BLANK line for paycomponent "BaseSalary_China"

The key point to take out of the above is that every paycomponent you map; will show up under each candidate.

  • Second consideration is that you can pass one paycomponent for each type. So it is NOT possible to make the paycomponent repeating.

If you make the field repeating on the ONB or RCM side, you will see the following error on the candidate hiring side within MPH:

"Cannot have variant: 1 for key: payComponentRecurring.paycompvalue.xxxxx"

This is currently a limitation within the integration and it is only possible to send 1 paycomponent per type for each mapped paycomponent.


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