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2719825 - ASE infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) in LeScanContext::setScanSDES - SAP ASE


kernel Current process (0x61ad02de) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
kernel Current Process is running on Engine 1
kernel Address 0x0x0000000001809d6d (LeScanContext::setScanSDES(pss*)+0x14d), siginfo (code, address) = (1, 0x0x00000000000003a0)
kernel **** Saved signal context (0x0x00002aaac8922140): ****
kernel uc_flags: 0x1, uc_link: 0x(nil)
kernel uc_sigmask: 0x7bfbf037 0xb 0x1 0x3a0
kernel uc_stack: ss_sp: 0x(nil), ss_size: 0x0, ss_flags: 0x2
kernel General Registers (uc_mcontext.gregs):
kernel PC : 0x0000000001809d6d (LeScanContext::setScanSDES(pss*)+0x14d)
kernel RAX : (nil) RBX : 0x00002aab81797418
kernel RCX : 0x000000000000a398 RDX : 0x0000000000000002
kernel RBP : 0x00002aaac8922e50 RSP : 0x00002aaac8922e30
kernel R8 : 0x00002aac3f163888 R9 : 0x00002aac3f163880
kernel R10 : 0x00002aad099008d8 R11 : 0x0000000000000e28
kernel R12 : 0x00002aab817aab38 R13 : 0x00002aab815bdb38
kernel R14 : 0x00002aad098fe598 R15 : 0x00002aad09900328
kernel RDI : 0x00002aab815bde60 RSI : 0x00002aab815bdb38
kernel RIP : 0x0000000001809d6d CSGSFS : 0x0000000000000033
kernel TRAPNO : 0x000000000000000e ERR : 0x0000000000000006
kernel EFL : 0x0000000000010246
kernel **** end of signal context ****
server Maxdumps (2) reached for signal 11. Not performing shared memory dump.
kernel ************************************
kernel SQL causing error : a_sp_get_summar
kernel Current statement number: 12 Current line number: 114
kernel ************************************
server SQL Text: a_sp_get_summar
server SQL Text: SELECT m.gcl_org_id
, SUM(CASE WHEN today_tpv.net_gross = 'N' THEN today_tpv.tenor_value ELSE 0 END) net_reco
, SUM(CASE WHEN m.attr_cod = 'GROSS'
THEN CASE WHEN today_tpv.net_gross = 'G' THEN today_tpv.tenor_value ELSE 0 END
ELSE CASE WHEN today_tpv.net_gross = 'N' THEN today_tpv.tenor_value ELSE 0 END
END) g
00:0003:00000:01155:2018/11/13 14:20:15.73 server SQL Text: ss_reco
INTO #reco_limit
FROM #group_bg_mapping m
LEFT JOIN cpa_profile cp ON = m.recommended_profile_id
JOIN cpa_time_point_value today_tpv ON = today_tpv.cpa_profile_id AND today_tpv.tenor_code = 'TODAY'
WHERE m.request_type <> 'C'
GROUP BY m.gcl_org_id

-------------------------combine all limits(current, requested, recommended) in one table-
server SQL Text: ----------------------------------

kernel curdb = 5 tempdb = 12 pstat = 0x10100 p2stat = 0x101000
kernel p3stat = 0x800 p4stat = 0x0 p5stat = 0x8 p6stat = 0x10 p7stat = 0x10000
kernel lasterror = 0 preverror = 0 transtate = 0
kernel curcmd = 195 program = CPA_${tomcat.setup}
kernel extended error information: hostname: parvl1115986_12 login: cpa_liv
kernel pc: 0x00000000014a7130 pcstkwalk+0x482()
kernel pc: 0x00000000014a6aef ucstkgentrace+0x20f()
kernel pc: 0x00000000014a3312 ucbacktrace+0x54()
kernel pc: 0x0000000001777ff7 terminate_process+0x1367()
kernel pc: 0x00000000014d3123 kisignal+0x72d()
kernel pc: 0x0000000001809d6d LeScanContext::setScanSDES(pss*)+0x14d()
kernel pc: 0x000000000224660d LeAPScanOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0x2d()
kernel pc: 0x00000000022368fe LePtnScanOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0x6e()
kernel pc: 0x0000000002231f19 LeNaryNLJOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0x149()
kernel pc: 0x0000000002229c1a LeHashOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0x10a()
kernel pc: 0x00000000017c6ba7 LeDMLOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0x397()
kernel pc: 0x00000000017d32f4 LeEmittOp::_LeOpAcquire(ExeCtxt&)+0xb4()
kernel pc: 0x00000000017b6b74 LePlanAcquire+0x604()
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000001f04f10 le_execerr installed by the following function:-]
kernel pc: 0x0000000001f068ea exec_lava+0xa2a()
kernel pc: 0x0000000001f9aa76 s_execute+0x1a06()
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000001fff9b0 hdl_stack installed by the following function:-]
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000001fc4510 s_handle installed by the following function:-]
kernel pc: 0x0000000001fc8b3d sequencer+0xd1d()
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000001fff990 hdl_backout installed by the following function:-]
kernel pc: 0x0000000001faf01c execproc+0xc6c()
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000000f72e87 execrpc_handle installed by the following function:-]
kernel pc: 0x0000000001f63106 execrpc+0x8e6()
kernel pc: 0x0000000001799d0c tdsrecv_rpc+0x1c()
kernel [Handler pc: 0x0x0000000002118130 ut_handle installed by the following function:-]
kernel pc: 0x00000000017ad01a conn_hdlr+0x126a()
kernel end of stack trace, spid 1155, kpid 1638728414, suid 5460



SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0


LeScanContext::setScanSDES(pss*)+, procedure cache , KBA , BC-SYB-ASE , Sybase ASE Database Platform (non Business Suite) , Problem

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