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2716033 - How to know which job requisition a candidate has been forwarded to - Recruiting Management


  • How to know which job requisition a candidate has been forwarded to?
  • Is it possible to see inside Recruiting Management to where a candidate has been forwarded to?

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To know to which job requisition a candidate has been forwarded to, you will need to take a report on it. As of now, there isn't a way inside of Recruiting Management that will help you get that information since when the candidate has been forwarded to a requisition the behavior is a bit different from candidates that have applied.

For obtaining information on to which job requisition a candidate applied to you have two options:

Please, note, to access and use both features the correct permissions must be given to the user as well the Reports permission on RBP with the proper target population.

  • Option 1: Ad-hoc report
  1. Create a table report for Recruiting V2 (or Recruiting V2 (Secured) in case you want to restrict the view of this report);
  2. On 'Columns', search for Column 'Referrals linked on Job Requisition';
  3. Select the following fields: Application Status, Days in Forwarded Status, Job Req ID;

  4. Select column 'Candidate' and select the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Candidate ID;

  5. Click done, then go to Filters tab;
  6. There, click on 'Refine Criteria', select column 'Referrals linked on Job Requisition', and check the box for the field 'Application Status';

  7. A box will show up for you select between 'By My Selection' or 'By Rule', keep on the 'By My Selection';
  8. Select the 'By My Selection' again when you have to choose between 'Select All' or 'By My Selection';
  9. Then, select the 'Forwarded status';

  10. Click done;
  11. You can click on Preview for having a preview on how the report will show to you, or you can click on Generate, then you will download the report.
  • Option 2: using Integration Center
  1. Go to Integration Center in Admin Center > My Integration;
  2. Click on Create > Schedule Simple File Output Integration;

  3. Select Candidate Entity;

  4. Check the following fields: CandidateID, First Name, Last Name;

  5. Then, scroll down a bit, and select: Forwarded Candidates (jobReqFwdCandidates to JobReqFwdCandidates), Jobs Applied, then click on 'Select';

  6. It will open the page 'Options', go to 'Filter and Sort' so you can see the information without reporting;
  7. Extend the 'Advanced filters';
  8. In Filter Set 1, select the Field you want to filter for;

  9. In our example below, we are filtering for a candidate whose first name is Frederic and last name is Berbig;

  10. Then, go back to 'Configure Fields' tab, and there you will see to which job requisition Frederic was forwarded to.
    Job Requisition Id-JobReqFwdCandidate field is the one that will show which Job Requisition ID that the candidate has been forwarded to.
    Check screenshot below:

  11. Hence, according to our example, Frederic Berbig has been forwarded to Job Requisition #101.

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