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2712732 - Problem (Configuration) - User Sync Failing due to ImportUsers Incorrect Value(s) - Onboarding [Integration with BizX] [Foundation Import]


User Sync failing


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Misspelled or incorrect value(s) in ImportUsers.


For Live Customer(s)

This setup should have been corrected or avoided upon implementation stage, If ever encountered after go-live, please reach out to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support in SAP One Support Launchpad via SAP Expert Chat or Support Incident to identify the cause.

Support might direct and ask your organization to engage with an SAP Certified Partner or Professional Services/Consulting, refer to KBA: 2279979. In addition, kindly refer to KBA 2686368 to understand what are considered implementation or consulting request.


For Implementation Partner(s) and Consultant(s)

The FoundationImportFieldMapping and ImportUsers have incorrect or misspelled values.



  1. Navigate to SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding back-end > Account ID > Import/Export Settings > ImportUsers
  2. Select Export File and click Submit button
  3. Open the file in a programming editor (Notepad ++ or XML Editor)
  4. Find the line where <FoundationImportConfiguration id="SuccessFactorsUserImport"> is located
  5. By default the file must use variables (value of the key in FoundationImportFieldMapping) 

    screenshot0045_ 10302018091602.png

  6. User Sync column may also be the value of ImportUsers, see below for the sample screenshot

    screenshot0046_ 10302018092515.png

  7. Ensure that header of the columns of User Sync are matched or accurately added in the value of ImportUsers file

    screenshot0042_ 10302018083223.png

  8. Any value with different character format or mispelled word will make the User Sync fail, import the ImportUsers to reflect the changes 
  9. Run the User Sync again and check if it will process, see KBA 2251425 to know how


For SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support

Please use the instruction manual on how to proceed, in the internal note

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