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2710333 - Frequently Asked Questions on Business ByDesign Organizational Management


Following are frequent queries related to Org Structures under Organization Management work center for SAP ByDesign System.


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1. Is it possible to PSM release the Organization Center Business Object?

No, Organization Center BO can't be enabled for read or write PSM release.

Reason being the Organization center is the core BO and changes may lead to inconsistencies.

As the Applications & Customers work with the projections, not with Organizational Centres,
the parent is a semantical question, i.e. a company has no Parent the Org unit being a Company may have.

Net of semantic free Org units can't be used without projections. On all projections the OrgCentreAssignment is released and all semantic parents are available with OrgCentreAssignmentNode.

You need to semantically call an Org Unit, i.e. as a projection BO and then you have that node, using the projections and the OrgCentreAssignmentNode.

2. Can you mass delete Org Units in the application from standard OWL?

Action for deletion is only offered in OWL for single Org Unit (only leaves are allowed to be deleted; no mass deletion).

3. If an employee has a Primary Org Unit and a Secondary Org Unit, which Org Unit is used for transactional documents?                                                           

Primary Org Unit of an employee is used for all transactional documents.

4. How many Primary and Secondary Org Unit assignments are possible for an employee?

An employee can be assigned to only one Primary Org Unit at a time and any number of Secondary Org Units.

5. Does ByDesign Org Structure has Staging Area?

Yes, Org Structure in ByDesign system has both Staging and & Planning area.

6. Why are you able to see an Org Unit in Active Area but it is missing from Planning Area.

The Org Unit is deleted in Planning Area but the changes are not activated, hence you can see the Org Unit in Active Area but not in Planning Area. You can see the changes made in this Org Unit via Changes tab in Active Area.

7. Is it possible to re-align the Org units?

Re-alignment of Org unit is possible only if there are no dependent data existing for the Org unit in the system.
Example: Sales Order and Fixed Assets assigned to the Org unit could be the dependent data, which prevents you to re-align the Org unit.

8. Is it possible to build OData Services directly on the business object Organisational Center?

SAP Business ByDesign does not offer any possibilities to build OData Services directly on the BO Organisational Center. Part of the desired data is available in MDAVs (Analytics). It is possible to build OData Services on the MDAVs.

You may refer to the blogs OData for SAP Business ByDesign Analytics and Using Filter and Selection Parameter in ByD OData for Analytics

9. What are the approaches to export the Org Structures?

  1. Webservice: QueryOrganisationalCentreIn to retrieve the Org structure data through a webservice. You may refer Query Organisational Centers
  2. In the Org Structures view, use the Export->To Microsoft Excel option to export the Org structure into an excel
  3. Extract the Organizational Management information through the Data Extraction view in Application and User Management workcenter, where you can choose the extraction object: ORG_CENTER - Organizational Structure and run the data extraction.

10. Unable to Active Org Structure when trying to do so for a huge number of Org Units.

This happens due to time out issue. You may also receive error: "Please try resuming your work. If you still face issues, report an incident."

Activate the Org Units with the option " Activate Selected and Dependent org Units in Background" with Top to bottom approach.

11. Why are you unable to see an Org Unit in both Active and Planning Area?

You are trying to search the Org Unit Effective From past date. If your Org Unit is valid from DD.MM.YYYY, you cannot search it before this date in Active or Planning Area. Please select relevant Effective From date in Org Structure screen.

12. You receive the error "Cannot edit org. unit, the org. unit is currently being edited by user SAP_SYSTEM." when you try to edit and active an org unit.

One of the reasons for the above error could be because, during the night, the replication of employees from EC to BYD is executed by user SAP_SYSTEM. The user will lock the org structure every time an employee is assigned to the org structure. This lock can be raised for quite some time especially in case of higher level managers. If this interferes with your maintenance of the org structure in the morning, you may need to schedule your replication jobs to an earlier time in the night.

13. Is it possible to maintain the org unit name in multiple languages (i.e. English when logging in with language English, German when logging in with language German and so on)?

No. The org unit names are not logon language dependent. This means that whatever is entered as the org unit's name will be displayed in the same language of creation across all logon languages

14. Is it possible to extend the lenght of the org unit name for more tha 40 characters?

No. The restriction of Org Unit Name to 40 characters is in place because this name is also used in other business areas where name is restricted to 40 characters. For example: when you make the org unit a Company, that will create an Account or Supplier, and for these objects the Name field is restricted to 40 characters.


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