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2708972 - Error While Updating Contacts via Webservice ManageContactIn


You receive an error "Duplicate node_id detected in update or delete operation" while updating contacts via ManageContactIn webservice


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Reproducing the Issue

When you execute the Payload for updating Contacts via Webservice ManageCustomerIn, you receive the above error in the Response. Also, the same are seen in Web Service Message Monitoring

1) Go to Application and User Management Work center
2) Go to Input and Output Management View
3) Select Web Service Message Monitoring
4) Select “All” from the drop-down

Service interface: ManageContactIn
Status – Application Error
Direction – Incoming
Error Text: Duplicate node_id detected in update or delete operation


List Complete Transmission Indicator has been set to "True" and Action code is "4" and there was no value maintained under Workplace Telephone segment. This is is trying to Delete and Update the field Mobile which shares the same Business Object node as Workplace Telephone (Business Object Node : ContactPersonWorkplaceAddress.TELEPHONE)


1)If using with Tag WorkplaceTelListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true"> it needs to be present at at "<IsContactPersonForRelationship>"

Use below Code :


<ObjectNodeSenderTechnicalID>Token 169 </ObjectNodeSenderTechnicalID>

<FormattedNumberDescription>String 170 </FormattedNumberDescription>

<MobilePhoneNumberIndicator>true </MobilePhoneNumberIndicator>



<ObjectNodeSenderTechnicalID>Token 171 </ObjectNodeSenderTechnicalID>

<FormattedNumberDescription>String 172 </FormattedNumberDescription>

<MobilePhoneNumberIndicator>true </MobilePhoneNumberIndicator>



2) When default numbers need to be updated, that is, when not using ListCompleteTransmissionIndicator as "True", give below :

<Phone>String 136</Phone>
<Mobile>String 137</Mobile>


i) "WorkplaceTelListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true"" at " <IsContactPersonForRelationship>" is present

ii) <workplaceTelephoneListCompleteTransmissionIndicator>true </workplaceTelephoneListCompleteTransmissionIndicator>
within "<IsContactPersonForRelationship>" is not part of the payload


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