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2706983 - SAP Jam - How to backup content


  • How to move SAP Jam content from Test to Prod
  • SAP Jam data migration
  • SAP Jam instance refresh 
  • Copy content from SAP Jam
  • Different options to move Jam content


SAP Jam Collaboration


There is no perfect out-of-the-box option available for migrating SAP Jam data from one tenant to another, however you can use some of the available tools to achieve moving the content to the desired location:

  1. File Sync ClientSAP Jam file sync client Reference Guide
    1. Easy to use for a backup on a local drive which can be uploaded to the desired destination later.
    2. Note: It has a limitation to sync only non-Jam specific file formats. I.e. It does not sync Wiki, Blogs etc.
  1. Mass DownloadManually downloading the complete Content from GroupA and “Extract Zip to Content” in GroupB 
    1. Same folder structure remains
    2. Note: It has a limitation to sync only non-Jam specific file formats. I.e. It does not sync Wiki, Blogs etc.

  2. Export GroupClick on settings> Export a group - How to export a complete SAP Jam group into a zip file
    1. This is generally used for archiving purposes or audits.
    2. Note: It saves a copy locally but does not facilitate re-uploading
  1. Save as group template, export the template, import to target Jam instance & create new group from template
    1. KBA: Is it possible to copy group content (folder content, wiki pages etc.) from one SAP Jam instance to another SAP Jam instance?
    2. It preserves the group layout & also copies some of the file formats like wikis & images (But not all formats)
    3. NOTE: Admin still need to check what got copied and what not, to complete copying rest of the content manually.
  1. SAP Jam APIs –  Refer: The SAP Jam Collaboration Developer Guide
    1. Note: Customer would require someone to code a custom solution, that will not be coded by the SAP Jam team
    2. Needs a technical expertise.


Note: This needs to be performed by the customer/partner themselves by choosing any of the above means.

Note: Currently, refresh process for SAP Jam is not available.


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