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2699260 - Initiator Logic and Auto Replace Approver Logic


How does the system derive the approver when the intiator also resolves as the approver of a workflow?


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See Resolution section to see how the system derives an approver when the intiator is also the Subject User for different scenarios.


Scenario 1: Employee Central Workflow

  1. If the Intitator is a member of a Dynamic group or position
    • the Initiator can approve the workflow (as the approver) and can withdraw the workflow (as the initiator)
  2. If the Subject User is the initiator and is a member of a dynamic group or position, or if the dynamic role resolves as a Person type and the Person is the same as the Subject User:
    • The system will replace this step approver or CC Role with the subject user (initiators) manager

Scenario 2: MDF Workflows

  1. If the workflow is a user based MDF workflow (such as time off workflow, time sheet workflow)
    • The initiator and subject user are considered different entities by the system and the user can Approve the workflow as the approver as well as withdraw the workflow as the initiator
  2. If the workflow is an object based MDF workflow (such as a migrated foundation object workflow), and the intiator and subject user are considered the same entity
    • If the Intiator (subject user) is a member of a dynamic group or position, or if the dynamic role resolves to a person type and the person is also the subject user, the system will replace the approver as the subject users manager.
    • Exception: Position MDF workflow: If the initiator and subject user are the same user - we do not replace the initator's manager as the approver
      • This is because this is an object based workflow and not user data based workflow

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