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2691114 - How To Add Custom Form in a Process - Onboarding 1.0


This KB article provides information on how to add a custom form in a process.

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


  1. After creating a custom form and mapping the field values to Onboarding keys, custom forms needs to be added in a process.
  2. Navigate [SAP SuccessFactors HCM > Onboarding > Reference Files > Forms]


  3. Click the View Assigned PDF Forms by Groups and Click All PDF Forms by Groups and click Create


  4. A window pop-up will appear, to create PDF Form and so it can be added to a process. Click the selection option, illustration below shows the button to click.


  5. Select the newly uploaded PDF form

  6. Scroll down and Click 'Create' button to save


Note: Enter the form attributes

  • Name: The name of the form.
  • Order: Determines the order the form will be presented on the Signature page. Enter a high number (90+) if you want to ensure that it will be at or near the end of the Signature page.
  • Manager Reason (or Corporate Representative): Enter special verbiage, such as “I authorize…” or “I agree…” for a Manager or Corporate Representative, if applicable.
  • Applicant Reason (or Employee): Enter special verbiage, such as. “I authorize…” or “I agree…” for an Employee, if applicable.
  • Translator Reason: Enter special verbiage, such as “I authorize…” or “I agree…” for a Form I-9 Preparer/Translator, if applicable.
  • Number of Copies: Select number of copies to print if applicable
  • Multiplate Suffix: If there is many PDF forms, this setting determines which values should be mapped from a specific line of a data table. The Multiplate Suffix is the number of the table’s line. NOTE: For PS Technical Team Only.
  • Client Code: This attribute value must be unique.
  • Form Culture: Allows the setup of a cultural identifier for a PDF form to run culture-specific information, such as an associated language, sublanguage, country/region, calendar, or other cultural conventions.
  • Save Form: Select the checkbox. Allows the PDF form to be saved in the document repository.
  • Foreground Sign Mark: Check this box when a PDF form has been converted from a TIF format.
  • Print Form: Allows the PDF form to be included in the manager’s Print Package.
  • Employee Print Form: Allows the PDF form to be included in the employee’s Print Package.
  • Lock: Prevents editing of the PDF form.
  1. Create a Form Group or use an existing one

    a. Create a Form Group and select what process will the forms added to the group will show.


    b. Use an existing group that are mapped with a process

    After you created or decided to use an existing group, click 'Move' and a window pop-up will appear to add the form to the group.

    To add select the created form in the left column and click the 'greater than' sign (>), click close to save to finish


  2. Once the form is added, administrators can now edit the form on what step in the process the document will show.


  3. Administrators can verify if the form is added in a process by clicking 'View Assigned PDF Forms by Processes'

  4. Click the Process and click 'Search' button afterwards


  5. Once you confirmed the Form is part of the Process, try to create a test candidate until you verify that it is showing in the Signature Step and Print Package.

For Implementation Partners/Consultants

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Implementation Guide: How to Upload and Map a Custom Form

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