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2690215 - Revenue Recognition Run Error - Doc. item: Only Doc. Items of the Same Profit Center can be Merged


  • The Revenue Recognition run finishes with the error message 'Doc. item ABC/XX: Only doc. items of the same profit center can be merged'.
    This error message hints towards a project based fixed price Sales Order Item, ABC-XX, with the Accrual Method 108 - Recognize using cost-to-cost project POC.
    In this case all fixed-price Sales Order Items that are in the same project are bundled into a single item for the purposes of Revenue Recognition.
    In order to be bundled into a single item, the Sales Order Items must point to the same Company, Segment, Profit Center, and Customer.
  • You have verified that all project based fixed price Sales Order Items of the project are assigned to the same Profit Center. However, the error is still reported in the Revenue Recognition Run.

    (ABC-XX represents the sales order item ID)


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the the Cost and Revenue workcenter.
  2. Go to the Periodic Tasks view.
  3. Go to the Revenue Recognition subview.
  4. Find the run with processing status Error.
  5. Open the Log via the Log Result link.
  6. Open the Messages tab.
     Error message: 'Doc. item ABC-XX: Only doc. items of the same profit center can be merged is displayed'.


To bundle all fixed price Sales Order Items with Accrual Method 108-Recognize using cost-to-cost project POC the system automatically creates an internal ONLY-project based item. This item can be identified as follows in the UI:

  1. In the Cost and Revenue workcenter navigate to the Sales Document Items view.
  2. Find the Sales Order Item ABC-XX.
  3. Press Edit Manual Revenue Recognition Data.
  4. Select Percentage of Completion.
  5. You will now see a line per set of books displaying the Sales Order Item ABC-XX and the associated project task.
  6. In the first line, however, you will also find an entry without sales order item, which is only associated with the set of books and the project task. This is the automatically created internal item to bundle all fixed price sales order items in terms of revenue recognition. 
  7. If there are more than one fixed price sales order items with accrual method 108 the system automatically defines one of the items as Leading Sales Document Item (which can be identified in the Accounting Data sub-tab of the Sales Document Items view).

This internal ONLY-project based item is associated with the same Company, Segment and Profit Center of the Leading Sales Document Item.

However, if the Profit Center of the Leading Sales Document Item is changed then this new assignment does currently not get updated for the internal project based item.
This is the reason for the error message in the Revenue Recognition Run


Our Development Team are working on improving the Profit Center assignment logic for the internal project items.
The functionality shall be enhanced in a future SAP ByDesign release.
In the mean time, if you encounter this scenario, please open an Incident and we will change the profit center of the internal project-based item from the backend.


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