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2680843 - OVERLAPPING_TIME_SLICE_ERROR in Delta Compound Employee


You are getting the error: COMPOUND_EMPLOYEE/OVERLAPPING_TIME_SLICE_ERROR</code><severity>ERROR</severity><message_text>"job_information" with start date 2018-01-17 and end date 2018-05-07 overlaps with record with start date 2018-05-07 and end date 2018-05-07

Please note that these dates are just one example.


SuccessFactors Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1.  In Success Factors EC add information in job_information and set the initial new date as the same date from the last entry for this employee.
  2.  Replicate Employee to ERP using your middleware, for example, boomi.
  3.  The error will happen in your middleware before the information is sent to ERP.


Although this overlaped entry is acceptable in Success Factors EC, SAP ERP does not allow this conflict entry, therefore, packaged integration will return the error before the replication happens.


  1. Go to the employee record and view the Job Information history. 
  2. And for the particular transaction mentioned on the error, delete the transaction and refresh the record manually.
  3. Re-enter the same transaction again and SAVE the record.



Note: This issue can also occur on the <associated_employee_job_information> segment of Compound Employee

  • Data for person id external 1234567 can't be returned: Please see log items for more information.
  • "associated_employee_job_information" with start date 2019-12-01 and end date 9999-12-31 overlaps with record with start date 2020-12-31 and end date9999-12-31.

In such cases, the data of person id external: 1234567 is fine. The issue is related to associated employee data

  • This could be a manager, custom_manager, matrix_manager etc.
  • And could be a current or past time-slice / effective segment - depending on the selection criteria used in your CE API request


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