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2671976 - Failed to connect to system in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


Failed to connect to system in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Failed to load https://<HANAHOST>:<HANAPORT>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

Origin 'https://<customer-prefix>.<data-center>' is therefore not allowed access.

GET https://<HANAHOST>:<HANAPORT>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo 401 (Unauthorized)

Request URL: https://<HANAHOST>:<HANAPORT>/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetServerInfo

Request Method: GET

Status Code: 401 Unauthorized


Referrer Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade


  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Configure Live Data Connection to SAP HANA per
  2. When creating the Live Data Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud and notice the error


When adding the SAP Analytics Cloud tenant url to Allowed Origins in SAP HANA a trailing slash was included: https://<customer-prefix>.<data-center>


  1. Log on to your SAP HANA XS Admin page (/sap/hana/xs/admin) as the System user or a user assigned to the following roles: sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::RuntimeConfAdministrator and sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::SAMLViewer
  2. Go to the XS Artifact Administration panel and navigate to sap.bc.ina.service.v2
  3. Select the sap.bc.ina.service.v2 package, switch to the CORS pane
  4. Click "Edit"
  5. Select the Allowed Origins entry with the trailing slash
  6. Click "Delete"
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Enter the SAP Analytics Cloud tenant URL without the trailing slash: https://<customer-prefix>.<data-center>
  9. Click "Add"
  10. Click "Save"
  11. Click "OK"

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