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2656367 - Troubleshooting Employee & Org. Assignment replication issues from Employee Central to S/4HANA Public Cloud


Some issues are observed affecting the Employee replication or the Organizational Assignment replication from SuccessFactors Employee Central into S/4HANA Public Cloud, which prevent one or more users to correctly login or work in the S/4HANA Cloud system.

These symptoms may include:

  • Employees with Failed statuses in the Data Replication Monitor
  • Employees with In Progress statuses in the Data Replication Monitor
  • Employees with Successful statuses in the Data Replication Monitor, but still not available in S/4HANA Cloud (not visible in Employee Fact Sheet, etc.)

Note: this document is specific for SF integration to S/4HANA Public Cloud


Successfactors Employee replication into S/4HANA Public Cloud


There could be some errors or inconsistencies already affecting the master data from Employee Central, which later will cause conflicts when the employee gets replicated to S/4HANA Cloud.
Also there could be some missing mandatory configuration steps based on JB1 guide.

Proceed to Resolution section for a list of some possible known issues together with their solution.


Employee Master Data appears with status FAILED in the Data Replication Monitor in EC, clicking on this Failed status, you can see:

  • Postcondition Violated error affecting infotype Personal Data (0002)

    Possible cause for this behavior is that an incorrect birth date prior to 01.01.1800 has been informed for the employee in SF Employee Central. As this date is less than the SAP minimum date possible, the system fails with Postcondition Violated when it tries to replicate the employee into S/4HANA Cloud system. Please ensure correct birth date has been informed for the employee and replicate it again from the Data Replication Monitor pressing SEND.

  • IBAN is incorrect

    Remove any blanks in IBAN data in Employee Central, and replicate the employee again.

  • Cost center AAAA/XXXXXXXXXX blocked against direct postings on DD/MM/YYYY

    When replicating the employee into S4HC the cost center will be assigned, and the requirement is that this cost center should not be locked for primary postings on the assignment period. If you find this error you should either remove the lock for primary postings in the cost center master in Cost Center app in S4HC, or either assign another unlocked cost center to the employee in EC.

Employee Organizational Assignment appears with status FAILED in the Data Replication Monitor in EC, clicking on this Failed status, you can see:

  • Employee XXXXXXXX not found

    What most likely happened is that there was some delay in the Employee Master Data replication which then temporarily affected the subsequent attemp to process the Organizational Assignment replication (because the organizational assignment needs the employee to exist). In order to solve this, first the Employee Master Data replication should be completed correctly and the employee created in target S/4HANA Cloud system.

  • Associated information for manager XXXXXXX missing

    This error appears if the manager of the employee for whom organizational assignments are replicated is not active during the relevant assignment period. To further analyze this situation, check the corresponding manager data in Employee Central, to see if there is a termination or some period of inactivity. Then check the corresponding subordinate employee in Employee Central. In the job information, the corresponding assignments to the manager should be done in periods where the manager is only active. This is a requirement for correct replication of this managing relationship. If the manager is assigned but not active during the whole assignment period, then such data should be adjusted in EC and subordinate, manager and their organizational assignments should be replicated again.

  • Manager XXXXXXX not found or Manager XXXXXXX has no position assigned

    Ensure that the manager is successfully replicated before subordinate employees can be replicated, and check ensure the manager has a position assigned in each of the active job information time slices

Employee Organizational Assignment appears with status IN PROGRESS in the Data Replication Monitor in EC:

  • This generally means that the organizational assignment replication could be saved in target S/4HANA Cloud, but the post processing logic has not yet been executed or has failed, and therefore the confirmation message has not yet been received in EC.
    To discard known causes, please ensure from the S/4HANA Cloud frontend that the corresponding job is properly scheduled. If the job is not scheduled the organizational assignment will remain unprocessed. This configuration is explained in the JB1 guide, in point "5.2.3 Scheduling Process Organizational Assignments".


If any problem remains despite these troubleshooting guidance, please report an incident under LOD-SF-INT-SAP for further analysis. Please report it for your S/4HANA Cloud system and also provide SF instance ID and admin user ID. In the specific case when the employee appears successfully replicated in Employee Central, but it is still not visible in S/4HANA Cloud, please report the incident instead under CA-HR-S4 component as there could be some Employee to BP synchronization issue.


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