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2653173 - Generating SSH Key pair and uploading on SuccessFactors SFTP servers


  • There is a type of SFTP access which does not require the user to provide a password, in order to connect to their SFTP directory.
  • This is accomplished by the customer generating the SSH key from their server,  this key will have 2 parts, a private key and a public key.  The customer retains the private key on their server and provides the public key to SuccessFactors. 
  • How do I create automatic feed without password into Success Factors?
  • How to connect to SFSF hosted SFTP servers using the SSH Key.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Generating SSH Key:

To generate the SSH public and private key pairs, please refer to KBA 2518009 - Configuring SFTP for SAP HCI: Generating Key Pairs

Another option is to follow the below URL:

Uploading SSH Key:

To upload the SSH Key on SFTP, please contact your Implementation Partner since they have access to the section 'Install SSH Key for SFTP' available in the below page:

Once the information is filled and submitted, a reference JIRA number will be given and a notification of completion will be sent as soon as the task is done.

Note: If you do not have an Implementation Partner, please submit an incident under the component LOD-SF-PLT for the technical team to proceed with the SSH key upload in the SF SFTP account.

In the incident you need to provide:

    • CompanyID:
    • SFTP Account Name:
    • SSH Key attached:

General notes:

  • The Public Key must be provided in .pub or .txt format otherwise we are unable to install it.
  • Make sure to specify the SFTP username that you want the public key installed on.
  • If you are requesting for both test and production instances, please provide both SFTP usernames and specify which public key you want installed on each one.
  • SFTP usernames must be created and provided to Customer Support before you request SSH access.

Both public-key and password authentication can be used on the same server. If public-key authentication fails, it will go to password authentication.

See Also

2518009 - Configuring SFTP for SAP HCI: Generating Key Pairs

2187183 -  SFTP Standards


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