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There are two purge option within the Recruiting Module:

  1. Legacy non-DRTM function
  2. New Data Retention Time Management (DRTM) function


  • The setting for both DRM and DRTM Application and Candidate Purge will be taken in consideration. Also customers can not have both Legacy DRM and DRTM at the same time.
  • The first and second steps mentioned in this article resolution must be performed by an implementation partner team. Support is currently not allowed to perform this sort of change in clients' backends.
  • Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


In order to use Data Retention Time Management, please see the pre-requisites and configuration needed:

  1. Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 Provisioning --> Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0


  2. Provisioning --> Data Privacy Settings

  3. Provisioning --> Enable Data Retention Management . This feature can also be enabled in Admin Centre --> Company System and Logo Settings--> Data Retention Management


  4. Set up the Schedule Job in Provisioning for the purge to run


  5. The id definition needs to be set to "Anonymize = true" in the Candidate Profile XML Template or/an Application XML Template. This will depend if the customer wants to anonymize field in the Candidate profile or in the application page.

  6. In order to access the DRTM Settings, we will need to enable the DRTM Feature.
    Admin Centre --> Release Center --> Filter by Recruiting Module --> Select DRTM Recruiting --> Upgrade


  7. Admin Centre --> Manage Permission Roles --> Select the role xxxx --> Permission button --> Metadata Framework -->  Manage Data

  8. Admin centre --> Manage Permission roles --> Data Retention Management -->DRTM Candidate Profile


  9. In the same section: Data Retention Management --> DRTM Job Application

  10. In the same section (optional): Data Retention Management --> DRTM Purge Freeze

  11. Because DRTM works with MetaData Framework -> we will need to also align the country list in Manage Data. Please select the country desired and set the Data Retention Enabled =true.

    Admin Centre --> Manage Data --> Country , select the country desired. For EXAMPLE: Ireland --> Make correction and set "Data Retention Enabled=true" (the same process would need to be done for each country that the customer will want to use for the new DRTM purge rule")


  12. For Purging application data: Setting the Rule for DRTM Application in Manage Data for the period of inactivity in the job application.
    Please notice that Minimum Legal obligation period is not being used in DRTM and it is not need to be configured.


  13. There are 2 conditions that will need to be setup while configuring the criteria for DRTM Candidate in Manage Data.
    • Period of Non-acceptance of DPCS (this is only for "new candidates" created and added to the system)
    • Inactivity Time Unit


  14. Creating Data Purge Rule with the new Data Retention Time Management (DRTM function)
    Permissions (2) :  (If the customer wants to move to the new DRTM purge, please remove the old DRM one. Please notice that once migrated to DRTM, it will not be possible to move back to the legacy DRM)

    Admin centre --> Manage Permission Roles --> Select the role --> Manage Data Purge --> Create DRTM Data Purge Request

    Admin centre --> Manage Permission Roles --> Select the role --> Manage Data Purge --> Create DRTM Data Purge Request

  15. Creating a new DRTM Purge Rule

    Admin Centre --> Data Retention Management --> Create New Purge Rule --> Select purge Request Type. For example: DRTM Inactive Candidate --> Select the desired country --> the job can be scheduled or launched immediately --> SAVE (please be aware that the conditions of inactivity and acceptance were already defined in Manage Data )


  16. Admin centre --> Purge Request Monitor --> Request Pending for approval --> Approve

    We can see all the purge jobs that have been already approved in the Approved Requests tab.

  17. Once the job is completed, in the report, the candidate will appear as "PURGED", see screenshot below:

    Please note that these settings will be taken in consideration for both DRM and DRTM Application and Candidate Purge



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