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2620488 - SuccessFactors SFTP service Purge Policy update


As part of SAP SuccessFactors continuous efforts to enhance service quality, and in alignment with industry best practices, we updated our SFTP file retention policy to purge all files stored in SuccessFactors SFTP account(s) after 14 days from the time of creation. This policy covers all datacenters, all customers, all SFTP accounts; only iContent SFTP accounts will be exempt from this policy.


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The SAP SuccessFactors Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) acts as an intermediary service to assist the transfer and delivery of files between customers and SAP SuccessFactors. Examples of SFTP use cases include: transfer of HCI/Boomi integration files, delivery of analytics reporting exports, data loading files, and information transfer and syncing for 3rd party/vendor systems.

This new policy was implemented across all datacenters which purges and deletes all files from all folders including customer folders and directories stored in SuccessFactors SFTP accounts(s) 14 days after creation; only the iContent SFTP account are exempt from this policy.

Call to Action

Contact your IT departments, and/or Partner, responsible for internal and third-party data transfers/integrations to review this change and identify any potential risks and to take action immediately. Users that wish to keep content or files older than 14 days should make efforts to transfer those files from the SFTP account to a secure local or online storage location.


  1. What is changing from the previous policy? 
    • Answer: The previous policy only purged files from system-generated folders (i.e. Incoming, Outgoing, etc.). This new policy purges in both system-generated and customer-created folders and directories in SuccessFactors SFTP accounts(s).
  2. Will this policy impact all of my SFTP accounts?
    • Answer: This policy impacts all SuccessFactors provided SFTP accounts except for your iContent SFTP account and Temporary SFTP accounts (see question 7 for more information regarding Temporary SFTP accounts).
  3. Will this affect both files and folders in the my SFTP accounts?
    • Answer: This policy only purges/deletes files. Folder directories and structures are not impacted.
  4. Will my purged/deleted files be available for backup or restoration?
    • Answer: No. Purged SFTP files will not be saved in any backup and will not be available for restoration. Any files in your SFTP account(s) that you wish to keep or save for backup or long-term storage beyond the 14 day window will need to be stored elsewhere (e.g. in your own secure local or online storage depository).
  5. Why is this policy change being implemented?
    • Answer: This policy change helps to enhance SFTP service performance and stability and help us to align with industry best practices around SFTP service management. In addition, this policy helps to reduce security risk and prevent potential misuse of the SFTP service that could potentially result in service degradation impacting other users.
  6. Can I be exempted from this policy?
    • Answer: No. This policy is intended to protect the integrity and service quality of the SAP SuccessFactors SFTP service for all SAP SuccessFactors customers.
  7. I have business need which require a SFTP account with a much higher retention policy. Is this available?
    • Answer:  A separate Temporary SFTP account may be provided only for customers undergoing implementation or migration.  This Temporary SFTP account will be excluded from the file retention policy. Important Note: The Temporary SFTP account will have a preset expiration date after which the entire Temporary SFTP account will be automatically deactivated and deleted, along with all files and folders within the Temporary SFTP account. The SAP Professional Services or Partner consultant engaged in your implementation or migration can submit a request for a Temporary SFTP account on your behalf via the Request New SFTP Account form on the HCM Cloud Ops Portal.
  8. I have files located in my SFTP which will I need to keep for long term storage or archival purposes, what do I do?
    • Answer: Any content that is required beyond 14 days from time of creation will need to be moved outside of your SAP SuccessFactors SFTP account onto your local or secure online storage repository. Please contact your IT team or Partner for storage options and with file transferring assistance.
  9. Is there a Knowledge Base Article (KBA) available for more information?
    • Answer: Yes. Please reference 2187183 located on the SAP Support Portal for more information regarding our SFTP policies and standards.


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