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2609261 - SAP Marketing Cloud - Interaction Contact and Marketing Permission Data Upload


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  • The import of Interaction Contacts using OData Service CUAN_IMPORT_SRV is rejected due to an error related to wrong format of the <EmailAddress>, <PhoneNumber> or <MobilePhoneNumber> property for one contact in the payload.
  • The import monitor shows the following error:

    import monitor


SAP Marketing Cloud Edition

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Import Interaction Contacts to the HMC system using OData Service CUAN_IMPORT_SRV
  2. The payload used for the import has the properties <EmailAddress> and <EMailOptIn> filled
    The <EmailAddress> property is filled with an invalid e-mail Address
  3. Access the 'Import Monitor App'
    import monitor
    Find the failed Import Header with the error message

    import monitor
  4. Observe that the full Import was rejected and no Interaction Contact was created, nor updated


  • Due to the severity of having Marketing Permissions maintained in a proper way, the Import will be rejected once faulty Marketing Permission data is imported in the HMC system.
  • It is therefore not recommended to import Marketing Permissions via a Contact Import by using the OptIn flag. The OptIn properties <EMailOptIn>, <PhoneOptIn> and <MobilePhoneOptIn> are considered as obsolete.


  • It is recommended to upload the Interaction Contacts in a two step approach - first upload of the Interaction Contact Master Data and then upload the Marketing Permissions accordingly.\
  • Importing the Interaction Contact with <EmailAddress>, <PhoneNumber> or <MobilePhoneNumber> property filled with invalid data but without uploading the Marketing Permissions in the same payload will not reject the import.

  • In that case a warning message will inform the User about the invalid entry. The Interaction Contact will be created / updated without the invalid e-mail, Phone or MobilePhone ID.

    import monitor
  • Marketing Permissions can be uploaded in a second step by using either one of the approaches:
  • "ContactMarketingPermissions" Entity

    permission uplo
  • "MarketingPermission" Entity Type

    permission uplo

See Also

  • Further Information about the e-mail Validation Checks is available in the Online Help.
  • Phone and Mobile Phone IDs need to follow the pattern '+ [Coutry Code] [Number]' or '00 [Coutry Code] [Number]' to be considered as valid.
  • Instead of using OData Service CUAN_IMPORT_SRV the Public OData APIs API_MKT_CONTACT and API_MKT_INTERACTION_CONTACT should be used for uploading Interaction Contacts as well.
  • Further information about those Public OData APIs is available in the Online Help.


Interaction Contact; Marketing Permissions; Permission Marketing; Email Validation Checks; Invalid Format; CUAN_IMPORT_SRV; ID '&1' of marketing permission is not accepted; entry &2 is rejected
'&1' of imported entry &2 has invalid format; email address is ignored
'&1' of imported entry &2 has invalid format; phone number is ignored
'&1' of imported entry &2 has invalid format; mobile number is ignored
'&1' of imported entry &2 has invalid format; fax number is ignored Kontakte; Interaktionskontakte; E-Mail-Gültigkeitsprüfungen; Marketing Einwilligungen; ID "&1" der Marketing-Einwilligung nicht akzeptiert; Eintrag &2 abgelehnt
"&1" des imp. Eintrags &2 hat ungültiges Format; E-Mail-Adresse ignoriert
"&1" des imp. Eintrags &2 hat ungültiges Format; Telefonnr. ignoriert
"&1" des imp. Eintrags &2 hat ungültiges Format; Mobilnummer ignoriert
"&1" des import. Eintrags &2 hat ungültiges Format; Faxnummer ignoriert , KBA , interaction , CEC-MKT-DM-IC , Interaction Contact , CEC-MKT-DM-PER , Marketing permissions , How To


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